Haiku My Heart - Life

A constant question
We look deep inside ourselves
But just who are we?

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The diamond she wore
Sparkled with bright rainbow hues
But her heart was dark

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And other poetic verse:


I watched a soft, white feather
lift and twist in front of an unseen breeze.
It rose from the ground in a silent protest,
unable to resist.

Catching the sunlight in its warm center,
the feather briefly reflected soft, rainbow hues
against the white of its self,
turning, swirling,
wrapped in the embrace of its captor.

The gentle breeze, tiring of the game,
brought the down feather tenderly to my feet,
a gift of nature.
I watched in whispering silence
as the softness settled in the grass,
the breeze passing by in search of another tumbler.
And I felt a sense of peace.

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