Haiku and art

O My Haiku
use onomatopoeia
This was hard to do!
I like learning new words, and always try to use them in some way.  Yesterday I learned these two, one meaning the introduction of a new word, and the other meaning the formation of a word for poetic effort, the first one (hopefully) introducing the second in the Haiku.  So, you English teachers and word lovers out there, if I have not used them correctly, enlighten me! 
Recently I did a trade with
in Canada, and she sent me this fantastic
Henna Goddess
She is beautiful to me!
I completed the toucan paintings I was working on, and added some morning glories to this one.

It goes in the shop tomorrow so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for another sale.
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After morning rain
Grass, sand, trees wet and soggy
Bluejay trills his joy

internet image
Graceful while in flight
Touching down without a sound
Patience brings dinner
Source Seminole Beacon 
Happy Weekend