Twenty-nine Faces...or one or two

I tried this 29 faces once before and was unable to keep it up every day.   So I'll try again, at least knowing it will not be every day, but probably more like once or twice a week.   
Here is a link to
in case you want to join in.
This is my first one.


Funky Art

In order to disassociate myself, at least temporarily, from all the disasters and horrors going on in the world, I played around with some faces to see how one face could change just with color and with texture. 
I drew and painted this face as a template and used only black and white.
It's the same one I posted a few days ago for "The Color of Blue"
Here, basically colorless, she looks kind of mean.
Then, I copied the same face on cardstock and painted different colors and textures to see how different each one would look.  It's interesting to see the change.  Even the surrounding color had an effect on each face.
Serious??  or maybe just sunburned :)
eyes of self-absorbed enhanced by computer
Anyhow, it was interesting and I'll add them to my traveling journal's left-over blank pages.
Really, I'd rather be painting birds.  Next time.  :)

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