Mother Nature's kids
Also have little boo-boos
All's well that ends well
This is a screen shot of the osprey nest in Missoula, Montana,
 part of a Cornell University and University of Montana study.
The two birds laying down are the two chicks that are left.
They collided when landing on the nest, and one of them
was knocked unconscious briefly.
Thankfully, they are both ok now.
That is the father bird (Stanley) looking at them.
 Wonder what is going thru his birdie mind.
Probably wondering what kind of dumb chicks he raised!
The mother and one other chick have already gone on their migration.
Once I found out they are both ok,
I could not stop laughing.
Too funny!
I think they need navigation lessons before they start their own migration!
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It's been raining here for a week! 
Love rainy days!


Twenty-nine faces....well no, just two

Here is my second one.  Geesh!  I'm already a day behind!


Face in the Clouds

.....and.........................Google is giving me so much trouble so I'm dropping out.  :(
Supposed to be a "no stress" blog!

I tried this 29 faces once before and was unable to keep it up every day.   So I'll try again, at least knowing it will not be every day, but probably more like once or twice a week.   
Here is a link to
in case you want to join in.
This is my first one.