Haiku my Heart - Gratitude


trees accept the wind
grateful for its cleansing breath
rushing through the leaves

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There are more ways than one to be grateful.  Sharing here the gratitude I have for a handmade gift I received from a loving twin daughter Alecia, who received help and direction from her friend/mentor/employer    Ruby
She/they/ worked many many months on this art blanket that folds into its own pillow (shown unfolded).  I was supposed to get it for Christmas but it was not finished.  My daughter, like me, is not a sewer! But she stuck with it and between them they made this lovely piece that I am SO GRATEFUL to have.
I am SO GRATEFUL and blessed to have such a loving daughter.
I am SO GRATEFUL there are such good (patient) people in this world like Ruby.

Each applique was cut from found patterns and sewn on.
Each represents a loved pet in my life, i.e. Yellabird, Otherbird, Miss Blue, Little Blue, Simon, Roxie, etc .  The WeeWee (her nickname at home) of course is Ms. Wee 
The A+A represents my twins, one now gone.
I never, ever receive anything from Alecia unless it is signed for both of them. 
The square on the bottom is the attached pillow cover, and the blanket folds a certain way to go into that square, turn inside out, and becomes the pillow (my name is also on the inner side).
What an awesome project.  I am sooooo grateful!

Daughter Alecia and Ruby Young, now retired, former Art Director for the City of Las Vegas
working in Ruby's studio

Thank you both....so much!

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