Haiku My Heart -- PEACE

look around you now
project your peaceful feelings
on everyone near

oil on canvas
artist: Betsy Schoepf

My long-time friend, fine art oil painter Betsy, painted this wonderful painting of the dove on my sidebar.  I love it and think it's beautiful.  Today just seems to be the right day to
project and share peace with everyone who comes by this blog. 

I hope you can feel it. 

Blessings for your weekend...and beyond.


Haiku my Heart --- Rainy Days

..... haiku .....

when i hear music
of sweet songbirds in the rain
pleasure lights my soul

go here for  ---> pleasure

... also ...
linked with the stardust love of
-----> Rebecca

picture source: internet  ...and ...
thanks to Babe   for the rainy songbird prompt



Haiku My Heart - Friendship

..........spinning off of the wish of 
for a thousand syllables of love,
a haiku..........

there is no darkness
where true hearts come together
only love and light

images source Pinterest - thank you