Haiku - My Halloween Heart

Halloween is here
Even pets will play some tricks
Become grim reaper

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Halloween is fun,but it can be frightful.
So here's some lighter fare to keep a chuckle in your scary day

Another Bird Tail.....uh....Tale

Some of you know Ms. Wee.  You know she is part of our family. Just how much a part is revealed here.  Many times she eats at the table with us.  She has done this since she was a baby.
The other day she enjoyed lunch with her "personal flock".

A piece of sausage, some bread.
She LOVES bread and cheese.
If you offer her a small piece of your bread slice, she will eyeball the
large slice and try to get that one first.
Obviously, she is messy!
Whatever she doesnt want, she throws over the side,
where the dog waits, begging.
Yes, our dog sits up and begs from the bird, and bird understands this.
She is the alpha animal.

When she was very young and just learning table manners (ha!) 
she did not yet have her "made to order table perch", 
and used the back of a chair. 

One day we had my husband's friend over for lunch.
The look on his face puzzles me.  Does he not like sharing his table with a bird?
Hmmmmm.  He is a chef, so maybe not.  :)

After lunch, when one has a full tummy.....er.....craw,
what does one do?
Find the highest perch, stick your head backwards between shoulder blades,
and take a nap.
Of course!

Happy Halloween!