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The Naming of a Bird 
(a story told for no special reason)

23 years ago an "adorable" (debatable word) baby bird came into my life.  A blue and gold macaw, so I named her B.G.

As she grew into a gorgeous beauty (thankfully) people would ask "did you name her after the Bee Gees"? " No! No!",  I said a hundred times. 
Tired of answering the inevitable, I renamed her WeeWee.  The reason for that was because she often rolled on her back on the floor and squealed like a little pig....weeeee  weeeee.  So cute!

One day my daughter called and asked what I was doing.  I answered - truthfully - "playing with my WeeWee"

A long minute of silence.

Then she gave a HUGE chuckle and said "Mom, you really shouldn't tell people that.  It sounds odd."

In my family no one had ever used the term "wee wee" for any bodily function or - um - action - so I had never given it a second thought.  But I suddenly had an awakening, thanks to my daughter.  So I had to rename her once again.  Of course I could have just gone for "oui oui" - but who names a bird "yes yes". Besides, she isn't French. 

So I tried "WW". But that is dubya dubya and much too close to another famous dubya dubya.  No! No!  Although husband sometimes calls her "Dubs".  Poor baby.   So many names!

So....(trying to make this long story short, people)...since she was used to the name she had, I renamed her Ms. Wee.  Who can object to that?  It's like Ms. Tiny, right?

In the privacy of our home, she is still WeeWee - and she knows that name and likes it. 
Me too!  

Blessings to all and
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