Haiku My Heart - Imagine



I hope you can imagine this scene because 
it sounds peaceful to me.  We all need peace

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Now, since Halloweenie time is nearly here, I give you a short story/flash fiction to scare you.....just a little.  I can make it 
worse!  :)


I remember vividly that early autumn morning I walked sleepily into the kitchen area to start the coffee brewing.  It was a special privilege and I loved doing it. There, on the bright green placemat, lay a small, black torpedo. Just one. But I knew what it was. “I’ll make short work of this”, I said silently to myself.

That evening I obtained one of those round, black, plastic thingies with little cave-like doors in the sides and laid it on the counter next to the bright green placemat that complimented the dull green walls.  Confidently self-satisfied, I went to bed.

There it was again in the dim morning light!   Another torpedo.  And over in the corner where the counter touched the wall, in that tiny gap, two thin, dark brown tentacles protruded, waving the air as if in total victory!  Excited, and maybe angry, I grabbed a paper towel and reached toward the tentacles, squishing on my mind.  Bug blood and guts don’t bother me. I’ve known much worse. I missed!  Boy, those suckers are fast! This scenario went on for five more mornings.  Then, on the sixth day (by now I’ve been tossing and turning at night), when I reached with the paper towel, the tentacles brought forth the rest of its ugly being.  It was a shiny dark brown with deep, penetrating glaring eyes and wings that lay stiff along its long body, and it reared up on its hind legs reaching for my hand beyond the paper towel.  I felt the sticky, sharp claws touch my arm, like twenty needles digging into my skin. And its mouth – it opened its mouth showing two oversize mandibles, a huge jawbone, and it SPOKE TO ME!

You don’t believe me? Trust me, I don’t lie. IT SPOKE - and It said to me, “Leave me alone to my evening snacks.  Stop trying to poison me. If you don’t stop, I will bring my entire family to raid your pantry.  All of us! Sisters, brothers, cousins, everyone!”   Its ugly mouth spat out those words loud and clear.  There was no mistake. I could hear the dialect penetrate my ears, feel the hot, foul breath on my face, smell the stink of his vile self.  I shivered as waves of fear rolled over me.

But I am tough.  Fear makes me want to fight.  And I, too, have backup. I hurried over to the window between us and the nursing station and knocked.  The nurse listened, through the window, as I told her my concerns.  She’s a dear.  She assured me all is well, that she would gather her forces together and take care of Mr. Depositor of Torpedoes AND his family! 

 Satisfied, I turned to leave and gave a cursory glance to the small black and white sign high on the wall behind the nurse’s desk that read “Psychiatric Unit 5”. Protruding from behind it were two, no four, maybe six dark brown, thin, waving tentacles.

But I slept well that night. 


So....ok, maybe you aren't scared.  Maybe you are chuckling. That's ok too.  Next time, GORE!

Have a sweeeeeeet weekend!