tiny dewdrop falls
petal lifts its pretty face
lifegiving moisture

I am angry.  Two days ago the Florida Environmental Regulation Commission voted to INCREASE  the amount of toxic (proven cancer causing) chemical waste released into Florida rivers, lakes, and coastal waters.
This was done at a meeting which was supposed to be in September, but was rescheduled for now.  This rescheduling took place when two seats were vacant due to the persons being at the DMC, persons who would surely have voted against this increase. 

I am a water advocate.  Perhaps only a closet advocate because anything else except writing is not possible. Nevertheless...... I get upset when neighbors use water for their lawns when we are on restrictions. I get sad when government only cares about repaying favors and lets our waters get polluted.  I hate it when offshore drilling continues even after nasty spills and thousands of seabirds were lost, coral reefs destroyed, and continued destruction in our seas happens. 

I love water.  I love storms.  Right now we are having a major stormy rainfall and I want to think...ah...nice clean water.  But is it?  We all know how the clouds get their raindrops. 

Thanks for reading my rant.  Sometimes I just have to.
In my header, I state this is a blog for opinions...yours as well as mine.  If you have one, I will not delete.  Even if it is opposite of my own. 

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about the photo:  it is a Evian
water drop bottle I purchased
in 2000 for the millennium. 
 Seemed appropriate to display
 it here. 
I leave you with a multitude of
Blessings for your weekend, 
and a free verse poem that comes straight
from my heart. 


from a rainstorm
pounding against a window
rivulets of water following gravity’s  road
        come to me

from rushing tumbling waterfalls
over rocky canyon walls  running quickly
mighty strength – a ton in only a few inches
        my food comes to me

hear me - a musical gurgling of a playful  lazy stream
my moan as i round a sandy corner pushing – digging
i feed even from the roadside puddles reflecting clouds
when they seep deeply to my underground caverns

water is my soul and strength     my only hunger 
the substance from which all life began
be good to me – keep me pure
i am your life too