Haiku my Heart - Fledglings

a morning echo
the crow calls its hunting sound
mockingbird hisses

Most of us know the sound of a mother mockingbird warning of danger. She is loud, raspy, persistant, and if I were a preditor I would definitely pay attention.  

My neighbor has a cat from hell. A huge tomcat who marks his territory (my fence) and makes it stink. He also kills baby birds. Just kills and leaves them. I have so far picked up and buried a baby dove, a baby bluejay, a baby unknown, and those are just the ones I know about. Our county has a leash law for cats as well as dogs, but some people just ignore such rules, and there is no enforcement ever since covid. If you know of a good way to get rogue cats to stay away, please let me know. I've been using peppermint, but I think he has become used to it. Yes, I have politely spoken to the neighbor to no avail. 

Spring Fledgling
mixed media

On a lighter note, if you really like birds and their songs, and want to identify them, try the Merlin app. Its free and its really a fun thing. There were so many songbirds in my back yard that I didnt even know existed, but Merlin found them and even gave me pictures, sounds and more. It's a Cornell Ornithology Lab app, so you know its great!

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Haiku my Heart -Once Upon A Time...

a thing of beauty
the swan swimming on a lake
mother nature's gift

I saw, in my internet travels, a large carved wooden swan. Since then, I have craved one of these beauties to gaze upon daily. So I made one out of papier mache (my first papier  mache) . In my mind, Miss Muse was telling me she must be a golden swan. Curious, I researched such a glorious thing. And I found there are stories for children, in many languages, of a golden swan. This swan lived on a pond near a poor mother with two children. She felt sorry for them, so gave them some of  her golden feathers to sell. The mother turned greedy and captured the swan, pulling all of its feathers at once. Her karma was the swan grew chicken feathers, which were then worthless to this greedy mother. And the moral of this children's story was "Never Be Greedy"

I think that's a good story to teach children, and it makes me love my golden swan even more. I think she has a soul.

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