Haiku my Heart - Rhythm {FRIDAY HAIKU)


something stirs my soul
it's Caribbean music
i just want to dance


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ok got my internet back after long power loss.
so.....here is my story for
thanks for taking the time to read.
The stories/poems/dolls, jewelry, whatever are to be about scars...
in some manner...
but ending in an upbeat way  (i think) so my story is about a woman whose heart has been torn and scarred and she is suffering grief from one day to the next and it gets confusing to her, but finally after a long while, her soul is cleansed and she is able to find some semblance of a normal life again.

A short short story derived from love and tears and fear and long ago poetry. Who cares about an old crone, anyway?
The crone sat in her rocker made of branches of long ago dead trees, rocking and thinking, as she stared out the open door of her dilapidated tiny house deep in the forest. The one small window held crazed glass, yellowed with age and dust and intense sunlight, one half covered with a large dust web. It allowed very little light into the darkened room. Her black dress reached the floor, enveloping her shoeless pointed toes, which as she rocked, made patterns in the dusty floor. Dustballs danced in the low light as her feet carved out their ballroom. Outside, in the alternating sunlight and moonlight, shadows and glare, a movement caught her eye.

“Is that a raven perched so low on your shoulder, child?”, she called out. “No, Mother”, she answered. “It is only the dark angel resting for a moment.”

And so she sat and pondered, her mind alternating between the doorway and the raging flames of the fireplace across the small room, its own opening a portal to another plane.  Through the open doorway she watched the sun bake the hot sand outside, and her face felt the heat of brown withered grass as it gave way to the flames of the sun, turning so quickly before her eyes from blue-green to crackly brown, and then to darkest blue as the moon pushed its way quickly though the scene, disappearing behind another planet.  

“Come in, child.” She said at last. “Come in out of the charred heat of the burning sun and sit with me by the fire. We will reminisce sweet days gone by.”

The crone glanced quickly at the fireplace portal, noticing as icicles formed within the darkness of her own smothering soot-filled chimney-hole heart, before her attention drifted back to the open doorway, the moon thrice gone and the sun blasting flames on the sand again.

“But no, mother,” she answered herself. “The door is closing and I will not reach it before it latches.”

The crone knew then, as she sat and rocked, the raven wings of the dark angel would spread like a barrier of time, and hide the door that never existed.  And she slept.

Outside, long, narrow grey clouds trailed slowly through sunless white skies like smoke, entwining with smoke from the icicle chimney-hole , dissipating into nothing, taking with it the heavy weight of sad, and bringing instead, finally, the color of cleansing rain.


(a truth)

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Haiku my Heart - Season

small white petals fall
into the swirling river
autumn has arrived

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