Haiku my Heart - Willows Walk

dark swirling waters
beneath the drooping willow
carry leaves downstream

Oh Ellum do grieve and Oak he do hate,
But Willow, Willow, Willow,
Willow do walk if you travel late.
It is rather an interesting fact that in some ways
 the willow tree does 'walk' in a manner of speaking,
 in that it replicates itself from any small piece of twig
 which is separated from the main tree. These pieces
 float down stream, are carried by man or beast and are 
blown by the wind and then grow where they come to rest.
 If along one riverbank you tested the DNA of the willow trees,
 then you would see the same result every time. 
Much as if one tree had truly 'walked' downstream.
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Haiku my Heart - Night

in a moonlit field
keeping a lookout for owls
a vole seeks a meal

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