Haiku my Heart - Backstage

Come, let us fantasize a bit.
Leave this harried world behind for a moment or two.
Come to the past, the world of make-believe,
a 5/7/5 haiku and a short freeform poem will take  you there.

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 colored lights gone dark
the actor sits abandoned
dust webs surround her


 exciting and thrilling were the days
when she dressed in the finest
of silks and feathers
and the tiniest red patent shoe

she would CanCan all over the stage
her flamboyant movements carefully calculated
the shiny fabric of her lovely dresses
catching the prismatic colors of the stage lighting

and oh those sweet nights when she dressed so simply
dancing  in the magic  land of Lilliput
her body moving in a quixotic way
whimsical, hypnotic

 always one could hear a lilting
oboe tune
drifting around her dancing self
adding to her enchantment
or a violin’s rushing strings
exciting her movements

 but now
her limp form curls upon itself
naked of fabric
gathering the dust of time
no more delicate Madame Butterfly ballet steps
no movement to delight an audience

tangled in nearly invisible strings
she lives motionless in a time forgotten
her kismet encountered

 the puppeteer has gone digital


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Haiku my Heart - Autumn Rain

rain rain water skies
perhaps in late afternoon
rainbow and sunshine

rainy day walk - watercolor

but perhaps later.....a rainbow

Spirit Doll - Rainbow

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Rainy days are cozy days.