Haku my Heart - Tea


the Japanese wife
pours a hot afternoon tea
her canary sings

So, who drinks afternoon tea? Not me. But someone in my family does drink it every night. And they save me the tea bags, which I dry out, empty, and use to make teeny, tiny, whimsical tea bag art. The backs have a written description of the art, and occasionally there is a special little surprise tucked inside the tea bag, which can be easily pulled out with the string. My goal is a box full (an old cardboard jewelry box) and when I have the box filled, I have no clue what I'll do with it. Probably give it away. I seriously doubt I will continue with more. It's a first for me and I'm already kind of/sort of over it. Still, it's fun making this art. Delicate paper, careful not to tear it! My box is probably about half full because they easily smash down when the lid goes on.


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Haiku my Heart - Wishing

a simple birdsong
took the farmer's portly wife
to far away dreams


a caged bird must sing
to be free in its heart

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