Mornings With Mary

8x10 mixed media
on unstretched canvas
lovingly linked with
and other Madonna thoughts
Thank you for taking the time
to visit my blog.


  1. Judie, this is gorgeous!!!
    I clicked on her
    and put my finger out to touch...
    I am in awe...
    her face is exceptional, oh! how I love her!

  2. so much to see in this pastel wonderland!

  3. When I enlarged your photo, I felt like I was stepping into the picture. This morning I also look at your photos of Aleta and Kara, your beloveds who now watch over you. Thanks for this, Judie.

  4. Wow! This is beyond beautiful...I can't stop looking at it.

  5. Such a lovely painting/collage Judie....
    Love it and you always

  6. You have created a wonderful image! I have found myself returning to it again and again. There are so many beautiful details to see. Thank you for sharing it with us I am so happy to have found this site (and the other link ups for Mondays with Mary). It is such an uplifting way to start my week.

  7. I can imagine the great conversations between the Madonna and the deer and flowers and trees!

    To Learn Life’s Secrets

  8. thank you so much for commenting on my blog. i see your other blog is closed which saddened me when i understood about the loss of your daughter. if it is any consolation, i too lost a child, a five year old son who died in an airplane crash with my father in law. it was many many years ago and we went on to have two more children, but christopher has never never left.
    my heart goes out to you, aleta was a beautiful woman.

  9. Stunning painting. The colors along with the images are so serene and peaceful. I can gaze at the images for hours on end.

    Visiting from recuerda mi corazon.

    Barbara @ www.allmylivesnow.com

  10. What a beautiful painting!!! extraordinary


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