I participated in a 6x6 collage swap facilitated by Janet and Lee
 and was paired with my long time glittersister friend KATE.
 The first two beautiful  bird collages are what Kate made for me.   I love birds and she knows it, so that makes them extra special because she thought of my interests when she made them.   
Love it!
Love it! It's like a water dancer ballet.

NOW, here's the lesson learned.  I made this owl collage (not part of the swap) using a preprinted background from an advertising brochure.  But, after I glued on the owls, I wanted to add a moon behind the top two, so I glued one on.  I failed to take into consideration the preprinted background had a treeline, and I put the moon in front of the treeline.  What????  Didja ever??  Nah.  So, since the glue I was using had already dried I couldn't remove the moon, and I cut a million and a half tiny leaves and put them on the topmost branches and tried to hide the edges of the moon.  Nope!  Duh!  Too cluttered.  And discarded.

So, the moral of this long, drawn-out tale is ....well, ........  look before you leap??  Be sure before you glue?? Pay attention??    Don't be in such a hurry to get finished??   I think it's kind of like  "measure twice, cut once".  I've made that mistake plenty of times.

....and these are the two collages I did for the swap and sent to Kate.....



Hmmmmmm, maybe I'll paint today.  Or maybe not.    xoxoxo


  1. Oh, aren't those just gorgeous? So you and so Kate at the same time. :) You cracked me up with your cutting out "a million and a half tiny leaves." I happen to like the collage, though. :)

  2. I don't think the collage is that bad either, it does look a little busy but the owls sure are cute. I saw our baby owl last night. Sometimes they come back at night. If we are outside when they fly in we can see where they land otherwise there is too much camouflage to find them. It was fun being your swap partner. Glad to hear you have the desire to paint again.

  3. All of the collages are great. The one you did for Kate is appropriate because of the owls.
    Love all those little leaves. Doesn't it feel good to cut and paste and maybe paint? I know I feel better when I do.

  4. Hi Judie. Its nice to see you blogging again. Thanks for checking up on me. I finally updated my blog this morning. I like your collage it kinda represents how in nature the owls are hidden among the foilage, peeking out and observing with their wise eyes.


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