This is me and my granddaughter Lindy in August 2007 when I went to Carson City.  She was 8 years old then, just a sprite!

This is Lindy today, age 11.  She is a member of the Las Vegas Turtles, a Special Olympics Swim Team.  In mid-May, she had swim trials in Henderson, Nevada and won a silver medal.  Last week she and Aunt Alecia traveled to Reno for the finals.  Lindy won a silver AND a gold medal. 

The gentleman behind her is a police officer who was there as a community service function. Aunt Alecia has now become a Special Olympics coach.  I am so proud of both of them.  Lindy's mom would be especially proud too.

I love you Lindy!


  1. She's grown up so much! I can imagine how proud you are.

  2. It is nice to see a picture of your granddaughter and know that she is doing well. I have thought of her and her mother these past few years. Swimming is a great sport. My grandchildren belong to a competitive swimming club. Personally I prefer to see them swim in our river just for fun.

  3. How wonderful, and, yes, Lisa, she has really grown up!

  4. She looks so grown. Glad to see the picture of her. Also very glad she has her Auntie taking care of her. Love Hugs and Blessings

  5. Yay for Lindy!!! She is a true heroine..... wind beneath wings. She is extra precious.

  6. Big congratulations to Lindy!!! And to her sweet Aunty too!! You must be so proud, Judie. What a cutie. Boy, she really has been growing, hasn't she? So glad to find you over here - I've missed you, lady! xoxox


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