Yesterday I found this little unsightly dude crawling up the garage door. At first I didn't know what it was.  I actually got a magnifying glass so I could see its details.  Then I realized it was a caterpillar. A BIG caterpillar.
I had never seen a caterpillar that large, or without hairs.  He was just a bit "icky".  So I raced into the house to get my camera (sure, raced, like a caterpillar is going to zoom away somewhere in a hurry), took his pic, then raced back to my computer and Googled "big fat yellow caterpillar".  His picture came up immediately.  Much clearer than this photo. 
This little fella is going to turn into:

THIS graceful beauty!  A spicebush swallowtail butterfly.  I am constantly amazed at what Mother Nature can do.

 I had these woven watercolor strips backing another piece of art. 

I took it all apart, rewove some of them, and did this missy on top.

She is unfinished and has no real purpose,  yet I have no clue what else to do to her. Sometimes I think I get tired of paper arts and want to go back to oil and landscapes, but I got rid of all my oil paints long ago.  Who can afford to stock up again...with oils and canvas too?  Expensive!  I guess I will just stick to experimenting for now.

Ms. Dove is still on the porch light.  It is so stifling HOT up there next to the porch ceiling, I don't know how she stands it.  There is no circulation up there.  She's a good little momma.  I speak to her whenever I go in and out and she turns her little round head and watches me.  I'm sure any neighbors walking by think I'm nuts, talking to a porch light....but they don't know about the little secret nest.  If the crows can't find it, the neighbors sure can't.   Ms. Dove and I have an understanding. 


  1. I am always amazed at how these creepy creatures turn into beauty flying high. How wonderful if we could do the same. Although I must say that when we show our artistic side as you have done today, we become beautiful as well. Have a great week ahead and enjoy the little creature. Take care.

  2. Judie,
    Mother Nature outdid herself with butterflies eh?
    and with everything....Yes it's amazing.
    Wow. Your woven w/c strips drawing is cool. The colors add to her expression.
    Blowing xx to Momma dove.

  3. Hi Judie! So lovely to meet you at Textilosophy. Thanks for your visit and comment.
    To answer your question, I dye fabric with natural substances like eucalyptus and rust, and layer, tear,cut and piece it, shred dyed fabric into strips and twine it, and handstitch into the textile piece (just basic seed stitching using mostly naturally dyed threads or wools). I love what you have done with the watercolour weaving and image. Must attempt the same with strips from my fabric stash! Great idea! The spicebush swallowtail butterfly is beautiful.


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