I am fortunate to have a job where I can work at home.  This morning I was doing just that, busy on the computer, in my jammies,  when my better half came in from the store and said excitedly, "There's a giant yard sale around the corner and I stopped and they have something you want and they are holding it for you!"  So........I had to get dressed and go.  Some of you know I collect artsy little mirrors,  and this is what he found for me.

I love it!  It will look great on the wall with my other mirrors.  I put a paper over the mirror to prevent the flashback from the camera but I think you can tell what it is.  The colors are true peacock colors.  I am going to put glitter on the headfeathers  Gotta have glitter!  Yard sale find, three bucks!!

So I kept looking and here is what else I got....

This is a wonderful book only a little over a hundred pages, full of scary stories.  How perfect for Halloween!  The stories are flash fiction, most only one or two pages long, and really silly/scary/fun.  Mostly though, I bought it for the pencil artwork.  Look!

Isn't she just, um, beautiful? This gorgeous doll is from a story titled The Haunted House.  I haven't read it yet.  Sorta scared to!

This dinky house in the woods is from a story titled The Guests.   It's a story about a young couple on a trip and it was getting dark, and they saw a small house in the woods.  They knocked on the door to see if they could rent a room. Of course they spent the night and the old couple who lived there would not take any money.   In the morning they left and assumed the old couple was still asleep, so they left an envelope on the table with money in it. When they got to their destination they found out that house had burned to the ground a long time ago and the man and woman who lived there had died in the fire. Later on the way home, they passed the house, burned out.  But in the rubble they saw a partially burned table, and their envelope with money in it was there.   Cute scary, huh?

Some more of the pencil art:

And my favorite,  a drawing from The Attic
I'm not sure I would want to go up these stairs to this attic.  I can just hear them creaking. And who knows what might be on the other side of that door!

What a fun little book. I'm easily amused.   Yard sale find, fifty cents! 

 Hope you have a Happy Halloween.  Saturday we are going to Ybor City to Guavaween (Google it), and Sunday to the John's Pass Seafood and Art fesitval at the beach.  I'll try to take some pictures. 

Remember not to let your pet get into your Halloween candy.  Chocolate overdose can give your pet a heart attack from too much caffein, and raisins can cause dogs to have kidney failure!  Love those pets!!


  1. Wow, what wonderful yard sale finds! I love the mirror, and the drawings are remarkable.

  2. Don't you just love yard sales!! That mirror is so perfect for you....I love the colors and with glitter they'll be even more gorgeous.

    Great pencil art in that book, too. Have fun at Guavaween!

  3. Hi Judie. Those are great finds. I love that artwork as well. Your mirror is awesome and how great of your husband to have them hold it for you. Enjoy your finds. Take care and have fun on your outings.

  4. Score!!!Always the best things are at the perfect price. We have that book in our school library. It is priceless. Everyone wants to check it out.
    Judie have a great weekend. Love you a lot!!!!

  5. Hi Judie ~ Great finds , love the peacock mirror and the book sounds wonderfully eerie (LOL). Hope you'll show us the glittered version once it's done. Have fun on your outings!

    ~ Peaceful Blessings ~

  6. What a great find in time for Halloween!!! Attics are scary!! Sweet mirror! HOPE YOU are having FUN at the festival!!! YaYYYYYYY for festivals!!!Happy Halloween! xoxoxox

  7. wow what a perfect book !!! love those pencil sketches..
    and yes, the mirror is perfect - some things are meant to be :)


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