Sometimes, if you go out early in the morning when the sun has just risen, you can see and hear nature in a way that it does not present itself later in the day.  This morning was cool, breezy, and I found one of those unexpected treasures. 

Two magnificant white ibis were standing on the telephone wires in the corner of the back yard, surveying the neighborhood.  Now ibis are not really an unusual sight in Florida.  In fact a flock of them, brown and white, feed on my front yard frequently.  Unlike some of our neighbors who have picture-perfect manicured green lawns, ours has bugs!  We don't often use chemicals on our lawn.  Only in flea season.  So the ibis, and other birds, visit us to dig  for beetles and worms, and other such yummy creatures.  But I seldom see them perched high.  I think these two were deciding which bug-infested natural yard to visit today.  Thanks Mr. & Mrs. Ibis, for making my morning pleasant! 

You are beautiful!


  1. Oh Judie they are beautiful. What an amazing sight. I prefer your bird friendly lawn to a well manicured landscape.

  2. Love those pictures. They are beautiful and unusual for me. The birds have been eating the purple berries on my American Beauty bush and at my feeder for the last few days. Can you believe we have been sleeping with the windows open for about 2 weeks an it is supposed to be 44 here in the morning. Love Hugs and Blessings

  3. The Ibis is a lovely bird. I would love to see one in person so I could add them to my "life list".

  4. Hi Judie ~ Beautiful view of the birds , bet they do enjoy your yard , free of chemicals.

    Glad you liked my nature collage , I made it from my hiking finds last year.

    ~ Peaceful Autumn Blessings ~

  5. What a GREAT surprise and they had the good manners to wait for YOU to take their pic!!! hehe

  6. Judie - you are a treasure! allowing your lawns to be as they should.. all part of the food plan.
    we need more people like you - things like this heal Earth - thankyou xoxo

  7. Hi Friend: I love birds. Thanks for sharing and it is great to hear from you. Yes, some of my face art has unique (bizarre) expressions, lol. Sandi


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