Ms. Wee chewed one of her perches.  She reaches down under the top perching place and chews the wood dowl rod.  It got thinner and thinner.  Yesterday it broke and, with a loud squawk and wings flapping, she went tumbling.  Then she walked around with a confused look trying to find her perch.  So, a trip to Home Depot, and a few manipulations later, Daddy has made her a new perch.  She loves it.  It is quite a bit taller than the other.  When she is on it, we can look almost eye to eye.  Almost.  She thinks she is Ms. Hot Stuff now.

"Look at me, how high I am now. I'm special.  Wanna see what I can do?"

"Check out my gorgeous wings."

"Oh, I just think I'm so pretty.  Just tell me 'pretty wings' and what you see is what you get."

Now, wanna hear her scream?  Heh Heh 


  1. She is pretty indeed!
    I can do without the screaming... We had a Nanday Conure and her scream was very loud.

  2. She's more than pretty. She's gorgeous! I love the shot of her wings from the back. That blue color is fantastic. But no screaming for me!

  3. 'Pretty wings' 'Pretty Wings' all fall down LOL
    Go ahead eat your new perch Ms.Wee...
    She is a beautiful screaming bird isn't she?!

  4. She is BEAUTY FULL!!! Wish I could paint better, I would paint her, such a gorgeous model to paint! Have YOU tried painting her??!!She deserves to be a Diva!!

  5. Ms. Wee is so gorgeous. Incredible to see her colouring from both sides. She is a most beautiful creature.
    Love to Roxy Doxy, Ms. Wee and you,
    FrankiV and Connie

  6. She's certainly a beautiful Diva , love hearing stories about her adventures. Hope all is well with you all.

    ~ Be Blessed ~


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