I never win anything. Whine, whine.  But....this time I did!  From  Gloria V.'s blog, this fabulous tote which I already have packed full to take my finished work back to the office on Friday.  I'm sure you artists recognize the painting on it.  She also sent me this picture on photo paper of one of her paintings.  I'm really pleased with that as well and I am clipping it up on the wall next to my computer so I can draw inner peace from it when I need to.  Thank you Gloria!

Please visit her blog soon. She has closed the doors for a few days....probably housecleaning....but it's worth a visit when she reopens.  She has some really awesome art. 

Art by Gloria Viorge


  1. That's a great tote. Lucky you, indeed!

  2. Yeah!!!
    That's cool!
    I love Gloria...
    & you too

  3. Hi Judie. Thanks for the mention,I appreciate it. I have been out of town and tomorrow again I am gone my mom in San Jose. I am using my iPad so it is slow typing glad you like the bag and I am so happy you won it. Have a great week, take care.

  4. Judie! How wonderful!The tote a great connection to Gloria an artist you admire. Thank you for the kind words re: passing of Kea..
    our chidren's pet do become entangled in our hearts.
    My wee 3 yr. old grandson in hearing his dog passed away said
    "She is now an angel sitting on the fluffy clouds watching over me"...out of mouths of babes.
    Have a beautiful day dear one. hugs Anna

  5. Hi Judie: I've joyfully selected you for The Versatile Blogger award because you regularly share art, writing and other interesting tidbits. Visit my blog, http://www.hollandpaper.blogspot.com , for the details and to get the award banner. If you have problems let me know and I'll email the banner as an attachment. Congrats and see you around.


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