A couple of years ago I didn't know what Day of the Dead was all about.  I knew some people celebrated it and I saw a lot of art about it, but I didn't investigate it much.  Eventually I gained some knowledge, and last year I had a conversation with a friend (Terri T.) about sugar skulls.  She had to explain to me what that was all about.  Not the edible kind, but the art kind.  After I saw her sugar skull art  and loved it, she said she would do one for me.  Even though she has been really sick, she still made me a beautiful piece of art. She is a tatoo artist, and you can certainly see the influence.   I received it last November, nearly a year ago now.  It's been hanging around my computer area all this time and I'd  like to share it here.

It's a beautful piece of art that I love and cherish.  Such talent in this drawing.

So this year, armed with lots more knowledge I have made my own piece of art.  I made it for a young, gay Mexican man I know, a gentle soul who works hard and respects others.  His Dia de los Muertos holiday, where the Mexican community decorates gravestones and their homes and honor their dead,  is coming up the end of this month and the first couple of days of November. I hope he likes my gift.

I, too,  honor the dead of my own family, only with me it is all year long, with loving thoughts and memories that come and go.  Like the ebb and flow of the tide, my lost loved ones are with me one day and gone the next, only to return when a memory is least expected.  It's just the way it is.

recuerde mi corazon  The Art of Remembering


  1. Love this Judie. Awesome. I'm getting my tribute set up for my son, dad, step-mom, grandparent, both- and family pet members. I think this will be my 5th year and I've learned that in life we have to go and and also have to accept that there will be moments when thoughts of my son will come rushing in and I feel my heart will burst but I always bring in the good thoughts and it helps and actually Dia de Los Muertos has helped me a lot. There will always be sad and lonely moments, but I do look forward to the days ahead. Life is just so short. Viva La Vida! Take care dear. Love your post.

    1. I'm new here, so I'm late reading this. I love your art. I'm sure your friend cherishes it. I was introduce to the Day of the Dead from a parent of one of my students. We celebrated it that year in my classroom. Really, if fits right in with our Catholic day known as All Souls Day, which we remember our dead; we just aren't so visual with it.

  2. Beautiful...the gift you received and also the one you're giving. I think each of us has our own way of honoring our dead family members. My way is more like yours with thoughts and memories.

  3. Yes Judie, it's just the way it is :(.....:) I love DOTD, and what it stands for. It's like those who have gone on are declaring "...look at me! Don't be sad for me! I have a more beautiful life now than I had when I was there...!" The artwork is fabulous. I like the joyfulness of it. You have a great weekend too.

  4. I think your "gift" to him is just stunning! So very creative and so filled with great Beauty!

  5. I have often said my yard is like one huge memorial park. No matter which way I look, there is something that someone gave me, a camellia, daffodils, a tree... and most of those people are now gone, but they live on in the beauty that surrounds my home. I see their love in the flowers, the leaves, the berries, even in the birds that are attracted to my place.
    Sometimes the grieving gets to me, I must be honest about that... it does. But I get busy and the comfort of their love settles over me, and I am grateful.
    Tho I have made my living in the art world, my yard is my canvas and my clay today.

  6. Judie...The skully you made is REALLY awesome. It would be cool for you to share it on Rebeccas site. Writing memories and making an altar for loved ones helps.

  7. Dear Julie, thank you for sharing these pieces with us, this honoring of those we love who are ho longer physically with us. Some how, honoring our loved ones in this way, creating art, food, and telling stories brings their memory alive in a whole new way... I cherish it deeply.

  8. dear judie,
    thank you so much for your offering here and joining the art of remembering at recuerda mi corazon. your gift for a friend is so lovely as you embrace the traditions of another culture and endure more hearts to each other. i love how you honor the arrival of welcome memories in any moment, so like the butterflies that suddenly brighten the gardens of our lives.
    please forgive my late arrival, i have been out of town for the past two days and only now returning to the computer.

  9. I think that our loved ones come to us at times just when we need them. As of late I have been thinking of my mom who passed as you know and she gives me strength as I get flare ups and setbacks from painful Arthritis..another journey that I have been on as of late..a healing and management of Cronic Pain. (why I have not been blogging)
    You are so gifted my dear Judie. love what you create.
    love and light Anna xo

  10. what a beautiful gift you received from her and WOW your skulls are amazing! I did a shrine for my mom a few years ago for Dia de los meurtos - it was the only time she came to me in a dream.
    You are so talented Mz Judie! MY bad I didn't realize you were blogging again....will come by more often now and be a better Glitter Sister!! XOXOXOXOXO

  11. I know your gentle soul LOVED his gift from YOU!!! It is Beauty
    Full!! Stopping in to say HI sweetie!! ((((Judie)))))


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