A Little Bit of New Art

Here are a couple of things I have been working on here and there.  I don't seem to have a lot of art time lately.  Responsibilities get in the way.  Even my writing has been at a standstill.
Anyhow.....these are acrylics done on simple wood fence slats, sanded and clear gessoed  to help preserve.  One I have named PRIMITIVE HEART, so named because the wood is so very slightly warped but I kind of like it that way.  Makes it more primitive.  Not even noticeable unless I turn it sideways.  The other is called MORNING GLORY GIRL, on a slightly longer wood slat.  I like painting on wood.

I also want to do the 29 Faces some artists are working on this month because I really like to do faces,  but I haven't got there yet.  Sigh.....maybe tomorrow?
Oh, one more thing.  I went to an Estate sale and found another ceramic pomander to add to my small collection. This one is a Princess Diana commemorative, so it's kind of special.  
Take care everyone.  Lotsa love for each other.  xoxo


  1. Judie, so know what you mean about some life models. Some are very vain,lol!
    Your art is beautiful and not at all vain for the wrong reasons! :D

  2. First love your new header. Is that your backyard? We have a concrete bench like that. :-)
    Your art is awesome. Love both, especially "morning Glory girl" Wow!
    Great new "Florida" sofa's, bargain hunting/sales have the best stuff. Such a deal!
    I wanted to do 29 faces too but didn't get started in time.Can we can start late?
    Can You can tell I have missed your posts?
    blah blah I'll hang up now. LOVE you.

  3. You sent me to the Internet to discover what a pomander is. Now I know. Now I want to see again the movie "Rosemary's Baby", apparently a pomander is central to the plot.


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