Even on the coldest of winter evenings,
when the snow has fallen all around
and the wind whips through the trees,
winding around the branches like a long, cold snake,
and the temperatures drop and drop,
A mother cares for her unborn children.
As the darkness descends, she tries to sleep,
using her body to cover and protect her children
 against the dangerous cold.
And when morning finally shows its light through the snow covered branches,
She awakens and calls for her mate.
Telling him they all made it through the night.
Asking him to come and help
so she can go and feed,
go and gain strength for the next nightfall.
Finally, there is sunshine
melting the coldest snow
giving blessed, needed warmth through the mother's body
and thus into the unborn children,
magnificent survivors all.
Mother's love is peace.
It need not be acquired,
it need not be deserved.
  .......... Erich Fromm 
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Thank you to Alcoa and their nest cam at Davenport, Iowa


  1. What a blessing, Man has learned to expand our learning without doing harm. I was introduced to this cam last year by a friend who is also a teacher. She devised all kinds of lessons from having the students watch the feed from this nest. How exciting to watch the eagle parents tending first to the eggs and later their eaglets. beautiful essay about it!

  2. This is beautiful Judie. Loved your words and the pictures. Thank you.

  3. {{ love your
    birdie goodness
    here ...

    i am so in love with nature,
    i cannot help myself !! }}

  4. The eagle cam is awesome. So Love the natural world and wildlife. It is wonderful when you can watch them up close and personal like this. Your words here just flow and I can feel the love in them. xx

  5. Love this! And I love the words, too. Beautiful...


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