Mornings with Mary

"Do Not Be Afraid, Mary"
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  1. She is lovely! I am not an artist per se, but I do enjoy using pastels in my art journals. Do you draw the image in pencil first and then do the pastels, or is it pastels even to create the basic image?

  2. This took my breath away...so peaceful. I lived in fear constantly and recently had a shift in consciousness, for lack of a better term, and the fear went away. How freeing it is to feel calm. I've never thought of Mary as being afraid but imagine at one time she was.

  3. Note to Unknown: I pencil it in first. I mostly use Conte. FYI that black background is tinted gesso. Thanks. :)

    Note to Maggie Grace: Thank you! If hugs helps, I'm sending some. ((( )))

  4. dear judie,
    each visit along the mary path this monday has been just this comforting, your lovely mary is the culmination of pure love and great care. thank you to everyone.

  5. Knowing that Mary is a woman first, then a mother and then divine, is the strongest imagery and inspiration for all women going through their own lives!! Thank you for this powerful reminder that our lives are archetypal in nature and we are all connected through life events

  6. She is mystical and magical, Judie.
    Comfortable and comforting...lovely work!

  7. Beautiful. Hail Mary full of grace!

  8. So beautiful. I saw her while out of town using my daughters laptop and was unable to comment. She is exquisite.


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