Haiku My Heart - Flower Dance Sketch

First sketch an idea
Follow up with a painting
But then...maybe not
So...this happens to me a lot.
I have a crazy idea...like the above.
Paint a statue in a garden, and have the flowers come alive
and dance for the statue.
But then, I get bored with it and don't want to do it.
Don't like it any more.
It would probably make a better play than a painting.
But I don't write plays.
So, back down the rabbit hole and into the sketchbook.
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  1. Hey amiga! Good to see you and love your painting and Haiku. Just came in from outside chili picking New Mexico chili's, hanging clothes, picking a few pomegranates, bell peppers and other and checked on my blog and saw your comment about Nefertiti. Wow, that would be awesome to see. Lucky you. Thanks for the kind comment, you are so nice Judie. Okay, love your work and now it's time for me to go back to my work, home work and I'm thankful I still have strength to walk out back (it's a football field size) and pick goodies. I also see the goats on the other side of the fence across from us and horses. tee hee. Take care, enjoy and Happy Haiku to you.

  2. Judie...can't even tell you how many times I have done that!
    Maybe you will want to paint it someday so keep it in an idea box...
    Love dancing flowers and you.

  3. Love the idea of 'dancing' in your haiku and sketch is great ~ could work into something great ~
    I know the feeling I too get bored with some of my work and know 'pushing the envelope would help develop into what I want to see ~ patience not one of virtues with myself ~ carol, xo

  4. I am grateful for your sharing that you set out to do something (paint) and then get bored with the idea. It lifts my spirit to see that someone as gifted as you can suffer the same inclinations as myself.

  5. How many times do I too start... but then do not ever finish... but maybe that is the process, and not an end result, but giving in to that urge to create... when I first read what you wrote about writing a play, I saw play as in playing... that too, is where I know that my best creativity comes, when I play...

  6. The dancing flowers are great. I have so many ideas but I carry through on very few of them. I think it's just that over-active creative brain that we seem to have.

  7. dear judie,
    to be filled with inspiring thoughts is a gift. thank you for sharing yours! when i first began doing mosaics i was sure i would mosaic my fridge and perhaps even my car. so glad i did not follow that muse!

  8. Ideas are so fun! I get them all the time too,
    and they seem so good when you lay in bed dreaming.
    Lots of times they just lead you to another,
    better idea.
    I personally LOVE the idea of dancing flowers!
    Your haiku fits us all, doesn't it?


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