Mornings With Mary - her Son

I did not know any of this. 
I came upon it accidentally.
I think it is awesome!
There is a statue of Jesus
off the coast of Italy
and one
off the coast of Grenada
and one
off  the coast of Florida...in Key Largo
If you go to Key Largo
you can scuba to see it
Or maybe just snorkel
Can you imagine coming upon this spiritual beauty underwater...
especially if you don't know its there.
Rather than type in all the information about it
(since some might not want to be reading all that)
here is a link to the Wikipedia site
and if you are really interested
and amazed as I was
you can Google it and find all sorts of information.
Its a beautiful thing.
Mary would be pleased.
Please visit the sweet
for more Mary Mornings.


  1. Wow! That is a fascinating post ~ miracles all around us ~ love your acrylic painting also ~ Happy Week to you ^_^ carol

  2. Hi Judie. Yes there are many underwater religious statues. Just google that and many will come up. One would wish they had been there from way back, but that's not the case. None the less, they look awesome. Hey Judie, hope you are doing good and that life is treating you the way you should be treated, with happiness and health and all the love in the world. Take care amiga.

  3. This is a complete surprise to me, Judie. I'm googling. This is NOT to be missed. Thank you sooooo much for sharing this.

  4. wow! thank you for sharing! I am googling as soon as I finish here.

  5. dear judie,
    the way the water is swirling above his open arms completely slays me!
    i love just knowing there are spiritual sculptures under water....
    and i love knowing you.

  6. Judie, I just love learning new things and I had never heard of this before. I can only imagine what it must be like for a diver to come across him.


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