The End of a Story

Near a lake, a home to alligators and turtles,
 at the base of a small bridge
curving over a creek,
leaning up against a tree
and behind foliage where she could not be seen
until one walked over the bridge,
as if she were hiding, waiting for just the right heart;
through  wet, drippy, foggy winter mornings
she waited.

Curious hands touching and turning her did not matter.
The sun glinting off her multi-colored, jeweled surroundings only
made her more attractive.
Then, one morning...or perhaps late afternoon
 the sun sparkling on her green, jeweled cape
might have drawn someone in need,
someone curious,
and the right heart found her.
Loving hands.... what else could they be?....
 lifted her, carrying her away to her new home,
where she would surely bring comfort to one who needs her spritual love,
where her inner beauty could shine.
May you bring peace and love to
your new home, wherever you are. 

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  1. Wouldn't it be fun to know the rest of the story?
    Maybe you should write it...that would be fun too...
    Maybe she is a Christmas gift.
    Most assuredly she is being talked about,
    hopefully around a table with a shared meal and love...
    They are probably speculating about the gifter, the artist, and creating
    YOUR story.
    I don't want this story to end,
    write it, Judie,
    imagine the parts we don't know for sure.
    Happy Christmas, my dear Friend. ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. Beautiful Judie. May the light you have shared continue. Pure and true joy.
    xx love you.

  3. What a lovely story, those are the best gifts the unexpected!

    Have a wonder-filled holiday x

  4. What a lovely place to walk.....beautiful post.....thank you!

    Wishing you a joyful Festive Season.

  5. Poppy is part whippet........thanks for asking!


  6. Oh I love your story amiga. I'm so glad someone found her and is giving her the home she deserves. Yay! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year dear Judie. Take care.

  7. Stopping in with Happy New Years wishes for you and yours. With all my heart. xx


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