Mother love is universal.
Just sharing this one.
Albatross mother feeding its baby
This big baby is only a few days old.
This is his first feeding .... in 7 days. (Not unusual)
An Albatross can measure about 2.5' long, weigh 10 pounds, and have a wingspan of 7'. 
Albatrosses lay only one egg per year at most. Incubation takes about 64 days. The two parents take turns incubating the egg, with the male taking the first shift. Incubation shifts can last several weeks, and the incubating bird fasts during that time. After hatching, the parents go on long foraging trips during which they may travel 1,600 miles and stay away for up to 17 days. The chick takes about 5.5 months to grow to adult size and take to the air. Once in flight, these young birds will not touch land again for 3–5 years.


This cam is in Hawaii so remember the time difference or you may get a dark camera.

I'm trying to do some art but....gosh..it's nesting season!

Have a great day!
My heart weeps for the mothers who lost their child on flight 370.  Weeps!


  1. what a fascinating bit about albatrosses! thanks

  2. The incredible paradox of life - those who lost children on that flight and then those who are feeding the new born! Both rip our hearts open! May love flow to yours

  3. I love your spring painting - very archetypal : the three fates to muses or the three of cups and on and on!!!!


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