Was I missing?

Good grief, it's been a thousand weeks since I last was here.
I think I have been in la la land somewhere,
looking for self.
Really, besides regular life,  I've been very involved in this traveling art journal thing.
What a challenge.
More later on that.
Meanwhile, check out this miracle of Mother Nature.
Found a cardinal nest in my areca palms
Amazing these birds could make this nest of sticks and moss cling to the fronds. They blow around so easily in the wind. Two babies. I guess they've been there a couple of weeks, watching me, but I wasn't watching them.  Sweet shady spot they had.
Then, the very next day, in the morning sun with a breeze blowing a bedhead,
this little dude was found on the fence.
Can you see mom peeking over, watching out for it?
Never saw the other baby again.
I choose to think it was simply on the other side of the fence
out of sight.  Hiding from the multitude of crows hanging around.
And here is mom and dad, guarding that baby.
Lucky me they are not mockingbirds or I would have been dive-bombed
being that close to baby.
Sweet family.
Mother Nature rocks!
Along with the traveling journals, I also worked on
a trade I'm doing with a friend in Canada.  
This is a 3  1/2 X 5  flower painting on heavy acrylic paper.
The cardstock butterfly is separate and has some glitter which doesn't show in the picture.
You can't tell in the picture, but it's wings are not glued down, only the body.
I might attach a ribbon for hanging...
...or not.
Can't decide.
Tomorrow I will try to write a haiku for haiku Friday.


  1. Birds build nests where they feel safe. Obviously your yard is the place even if it's on a palm. :-) So fun to see the fledglings.
    Lovely Butterfly art Judie.
    my love to you.

  2. what a treat, to have a cardinal nest in your yard! I've had only a robin's nest outside my kitchen window last year. I was enthralled watching the babies grow day by day. It's good to hear from you. Since I don't get around to everyone, even every week because of fibromyalgia pain, I figured that I was missing your posts because of that. The butterfly painting is exquisite.

  3. A little family who has chosen to create the heart of their nest near enough you, knowing, I believe, they would be safe. How extraordinary to have this to witness.XO


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