Sunday Sunflowers

A most beautiful sight is the face of a sunflower
turned toward the sun
feeding the Monarchs
on Sunday
And one waiting for Monday.
Happy Day!


  1. Happy Day to you too Judie. Sunflowers and Jasmine and Gardenia are some of my favorites. I have a few S/F's outside as well. Just popped in real quick because I need a little rest now after lots of yard work since 6:30 am and now it's 2 pm and I'm beat. Great photos.

  2. There is something special about Sunflowers. They are just so comforting. I saw some in a field the other day and thought I'd pick them. But a cow was there. So I just enjoyed looking at them from the road. I'm not afraid of cows...just cow pies and climbing under a barb wire fence. LOVE you!

  3. Love your sunflowers.


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