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source: Englebrett

A dichroic glass cross I made in a glass class long ago.
Still saving it for.... something.

A small 3.5 x 6 framed stained glass window with candles
lovingly sewn on cardboard with tiny, tiny glass beads
Much more shiny than this picture shows.
Found at an estate sale a few weeks ago.
Not something I would usually buy.
A gold paper sticker on the back reads
Christine Senkyr
11205 Matilda
Cleveland, OH  44105
Curious, I looked up that name
and found this at the website ANCIENT FACES:
"Christine Senkyr (1898-1997)
Christine died on January 2, 1997 at 98 years of age.
Christine's last known residence is at Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio"

Touching to me to think  perhaps Christine made this and it found its way to me.
For this post.
For this Mary week. 
Beautiful stained glass windows in bead.
Delicate work. 

The Immaculate Heart of Mary

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  1. a lovely sharing

    have a good week

    much love...

  2. Beautiful story! Christine can be with you now, always.

    Pursuing Solitude

  3. Such lovely treasures Judie. Yes touching to think that Christine made that for you. Providence works in mysterious ways.

  4. The bit about Christine, the artist, was a nice touch.

  5. A wonderful post!!! It burnt into my heart, thank you for the sharing

  6. i think estate sale treasures and thrifting finds are always gifts from the universe. i love that yours came with a name and now a story shared.

  7. I'm trying to post this time with Safari browser to see if it will work. I loved your offering for today, as you know from my earlier e-mail.

  8. These things found you. Such a gift from the Universe!

  9. You haven't posted yet today, but I am looking forward to seeing what you choose to share. I'm testing out my work computer to see if my problems leaving comments yesterday was my home computer's glitch.


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