A Dream Deferred:

No Papers
10x12 pastel
Story and Photo source:  Tampa Bay Times

I asked my dad, "Will you help me go to college?"
 He said, "I cant help you.  You don't have papers."   .....Maria Zuniga

But that was then, and this is now.

When I saw the photo and the story of the migrant worker girl who so wanted to be a nurse, but instead spends her days picking strawberries, I was very moved and wanted to paint the picture.
So I did.
It was an opportunity to practice my art, 
painting a human interest moment,
Letting my heart experience her emotions through the pastel stick. 
I was feeling ever so grateful for the small things I have,
and feeling so sad for her because she wanted but could not have. 

Then I went back and read the entire story.
I am feeling a bit different...because...

She wanted something so bad..a long time dream...
and one day she had the means to achieve it....
but  she squandered those means for something of pleasure instead..

...What??  A party instead of nursing school tuition?...  

and my feelings changed..
and once again I saw the world for the way it really is.
I'm not condemning..oh no, never.
Just expressing an opinion, and my disappointment.
In her. As a fellow female human.

We all have to put our priorities in the right order
to achieve our dreams.
All of us.
Including me.
And this beautiful girl as well.
Nobody gets a free ride.

If you are interested in the whole story
and maybe even want to express an opinion
(because that's what this blog is really about)
then visit Maria's Story

Or not.
At least I had an opportunity to paint
that human interest moment. 

Wishing you a peaceful day.


  1. First of all love the painting. I can see/feel the passion in the young mother you painted. I am familiar with migrant farm workers families and children. Many of them attend the school where I worked. There is a feeling of helplessness, a lot of students don't have dreams. Yet some have gone on and made something of themselves. They are the ones who come back to the school to give lectures and hope to the younger ones. Each one has a different story. As you know with young people dreams fade and change through the years. I am glad that Maria got to experience the party...wearing a pretty dress etc. You are right that doesn't make up for an education. But how many young people even from well to do families have squandered their education by partying? You are right there is no free ride. However some people have more advantages than others. xx LOVE this thought provoking post.

  2. That anon comment was from me.(I wasn't signed in)
    Love you

  3. Beautiful post Judie and awesome pastel piece. I have gone to the blog to read the story but am going to right now. I always think that no matter who we are or where we come from, we all have "choices." Sometimes we don't select the best choices and sometimes we do. Live and learn? Be back.

  4. I did go and read the piece and it is typical of the many migrants that are here. I feel for them but my way of thinking is that we need to take care of our own people here in our country. We taxpayers have been forever supporting the cause with medical, food, housing, and now with Obama allowing FREE government funded cell phones, we are paying for that too??? Excuse me, who pays for my phones? Oh I can go on and probably will, but I better stop. When the time comes that I need medical and pay for our own medical and is refused for some reason or other, I'll blow a gasket. lol. It's really not funny Judie, but that's the way it is. She Maria had her chance, she blew it and feels that we the United States don't understand what they are going through-sorry, at least she's working.

  5. Loving you art work. You really show a connection between the woman and child.

  6. Very beautiful pastel to accompany the story of Maria.
    Connie & Franki

  7. Very beautiful pastel to accompany the story of Maria.
    Connie & Franki


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