Free Verse with Graphic


Wait, wait!  She dreamt.
The endless time of that moment is here.
The wait is over.

Gathering the silence within her mind
she opens the box of darkness.
Shadows leap upon her face … and cling.

She embraces the circle within the circle;
no beginning, no end, no stopping this.
It happened to those she knows.

In memory, a mirror reflects
the encroachment of Father Time.
Nothing she can do.

She dreams.  

sketchbook acrylic


  1. beautiful acrylic.. many answers are found in dreams.

  2. Love your piece Judie. Lovely words as well.:) Yes we are eating mushrooms already. Yesterday I picked 13 and today 14. Holy moly. Glad they can be frozen.

  3. Dreams are so important. I always feel cheated when I wake, and don't recall my dream. Lovely words. xx

  4. "She opens the box of darkness"words that touched a nerve for me. Perhaps time for me to break the silence on my blog.a thought provoking post dearest Judie.
    Love the sketch.

  5. Beautiful...your painting as well as the poetry.

  6. LoVe your words and art to the moon.


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