Tuesday Sketchbook Art

Such an interesting history
follows this man.

sketchbook acrylic


  1. Oh I love it. He has smiling eyes and his hand look as if he is trying to make a point. What a great job and you have inspired me to do a page in my sketchbook. Why don't you start a link for Tuesday Sketchbook Art? Have a great day Judie. Your work is awesome, love it. You too.:)

  2. ps, I like your new look on blog and it makes me want to clear out my sidebars, etc.

  3. Intense eyes and gestures...LOVE how you put feeling in your art. This is awesome. I will look him up. xx

  4. Hi Judie. I went to look up Padre Pio and found him to be interesting.
    Things do happen and they did to him. He was selected it seems. Thank you for introducing him. I feel like drawing him too.

  5. What a beautiful sketch!! Shall read about him.


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