Haiku My Heart - My Heart

sometimes thoughts go back
reaching into depths of soul
best of life and worst


No matter if it's the best of times or the worst of times,
art always seems to be a nourishment. 
Perhaps it's because a soul can become
immersed in the task of creating,
somehow knowing that creating has 
fulfillment when the creation is finished
and fulfillment - of the soul -
is the height being reached for.

Reach into your heart
and find something happy.

The Admiration of Esperanza
Her Fulfillment

When the Sun was Green
My Creation

Fill your day with the 
overflowing love of


  1. dearest judie,
    joining you in the healing that comes through creating. the ability to trust and allow are so enlivened when we create. we dwell in a world where anything and all things are possible; immersing us in wholeness and renewal. thank you for sharing your gorgeous heart and the beauty that comes from your trust and kindness. xo

  2. Beautiful work Judie. Wonderful. Your Haiku is perfect! ::hugs::

  3. I believe in your words. Art is nourishing indeed. lovely haiku.

  4. Your words remind me of the opening line of Dickens's "A Tale of Two Cities": "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." It always is, isn't it?

  5. Looking back, it's often the negative that consume us thus blocking are progress to be our best self.

  6. a green sun, i luv the freedom and innocence in this piece

    much love...

  7. Beautiful creations from your heart. Esperanza means hope so 'Her fulfillment' is especially soulful. Love it. I do like the green sun face as well, and do love that you reach into your depths of soul to nourish your creativity.

  8. Gorgeous art ~ lovely creations and wonderful haiku addressing the yin and yang of life ~ So be it ~

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

    ps. ArtMuse Dog is quite content where she is living ~ I am glad you love her too!

  9. Caused me to reflect on the good times today!! Thank you!! Have a wonderful week!

  10. Going back is not always easy, is it?


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