Haiku My Heart - Snake Eyes

three and one-half feet 
unbroken, winter coat shed -
It's Eve's temptation

Some may find this creepy,
but I see it as a beautiful work of nature.
Pure perfection. 
I know a black racer lives in my back yard
and he is welcome. 
I've seen him sunning himself in a bush.
I've also seen him try to get a baby mockingbird learning to fly,
but mom and dad bird defended their baby mightily
and Mr. Racer retreated.

I wonder if this is his winter coat
left behind for me to find?

Too bad I don't know any little boys
to give this unbroken treasure to.

click to enlarge and view the art of nature

Now I know where the term
"snake eyes"
comes from.

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UPDATE: posted 4/15/15


I shared your photo with a colleague and we think this skin is likely of a black racer, a common, non-venomous snake in our area.  The color in the photos is typical of the cast skins of black racers.

Andy Wilson
Pinellas County Extension
(727) 582-2135
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  1. Judie, I find it a bit creepy but I must admit, the skin is beautiful. You are a brave lady.

    Perfect haiku!

  2. Judie, I'm afraid of snakes like I'm afraid of rats. Yes I agree, you are very brave. I really do enjoy reading your post and this one too, but I feel something creepy. tee hee. Take care dear and enjoy your weekend.

  3. What a beautiful find. We have grass and garter snakes in our yard, but they rarely show themselves.

  4. Amazing! I'm so glad you welcome the black racer.

  5. Judie, I absolutely love this! I don't know when I have ever seen such a complete skin, peeled away in perfection! I saw a racer just the other day on my hike and he was beautiful. If this gift had come my way, I would find a way to incorporate it into my art making, which you have already done with your photos and haiku. Enjoy this present that has found its way to you and thank you for sharing it with us all!

  6. What a shot! and delightful haiku to match!

    Happy Weekend,
    artmusedog and carol

  7. I absolutely love this, Judie. I would learn how to preserve it and form it into a hat band. What a treasure.

    Good mommy and daddy birds, defenders of their young. No meals of our kids. Take that, snake!!

  8. Awesome. All manner of nature is fantastic. Sometimes the beauty is not readily apparent but on further inspection: BEAUTIFUL. Plus everything works together in harmony.

  9. i love your description "unbroken treasure".

    thank you for keeping the haiku fires burning in my absence. sadly since returning i have been severely ill and bed ridden. just now up since monday and trying to make a heartfelt visit with thanks and gratitude. xo

  10. Love this picture!!! and a lovely haiku. I liked this story of Mr. Racer.

  11. I find this amazing! Being a retired elementary teacher, I'd suggest asking a school if they'd like this. If I were still teaching, I'd love this in my classroom! I am happy that the baby hummingbird was saved.

  12. I wish I were a kid again. I'd love to have this skin! I hope you can find just the right boy to give it to.


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