Haiku my Heart - Letting the Unexpected Sunshine in

it's unexpected
some unexpected sunshine
bursting through the clouds

a couple of weeks ago I posted my Sun creation

Then, I sent photos to "Sunday Morning"

this is the reply I received:

so, wade through the thunderclouds life sometimes throws at you
 endure the rain beating you into the sand
but remember to look up...
there may be some "unexpected sunshine"

if.....if.....my sun gets chosen
it will be only for a brief moment or two
there will be no name, no credit
but if I see it

it will put a momentary
ray of unexpected sunshine in my heart

that's worth all the paint, beads, clay,
glue and hours it took to create this smiling sunshine face.

happy weekend!

 to put more haiku 
 unexpected love and
 sunshine in YOUR heart


  1. Oh my -- what exciting news and what a beautiful image you've shared with Sunday Morning. . . . I usually make a chai and sip it as I watch, so I'll be waiting for a glimpse, however brief!

  2. That's what happens when you put your heart--and your art--out there: the unexpected! How wonderful!

  3. good luck and have a lovely weekend

    i'm happy you stopped by my blog

    much love...

  4. Judie, you have put a ray of sunshine in my heart with your haiku and your sunny news!

  5. Judie you did such a beautiful job on your sun face. Love it.
    Oh so exciting to think we get to see this on Sunday morning.
    Yours will be there I know. yay! LOVE unexpected sunshine and you.

  6. I know your sun will be selected. It definitely is a ray of sunshine. Happy for you and that we got to see your sunshine, which is you. Beautiful sunshine Judie.

  7. Congrats to you ~ your sun shines bright inside and out ~ very creative!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  8. I always admire the sun drawings/paintings on CBS Sunday Morning. I hope yours is chosen!

  9. I love your sun… you are so creative. We are hoping for some rain.

  10. so much joy in creation-multiplied a thousand fold when shared with others-
    your sun brightening the world!


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