Haiku my Heart - RAIN

hard rain - gutters full
overflow like waterfall
mother nature's tears

thunderstorms for the last two days,
and same predicted for the next eight.
everything is saturated and soggy - 
mother nature cries because she is
unable to send her tears west. 
soon maybe. 
I wish I could share.

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  1. This is the same kind of weather we've had here, but we have had two days running with sunshine. Hope you will soon.

  2. it is a generous heart that always seeks to share. a storm is brewing here and set to hit with a passion. always i long to share the abundance where needed. water-one day the new gold.

  3. I like this, Judie. But now when it rains so hard here we have fear in our hearts because of recent floods that killed around 200 people in my country.

  4. You can see the drought not only in the brown that is everywhere in Northern California where I live, but also in the leaves of our trees. The leaves are so thirsty. Too much, too little... so much out of balance... but your haiku is perfection and your desire to share is so appreciated.

  5. Vivid pictures painted by your words! We've been having rains like that a good part of the summer. Wishing you the best!

  6. Wonderful post, photo and endearing haiku ~ yes ~ to share the wealth of Mother Nature's tears would help those in need ~

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  7. Thanks Judie for wanting to share your rain. We sure need it over here. Expecting a heat wave for the rest of this week. Love your Haiku. Have a great day Amiga. Hugs to you. Take care.

  8. What Lea said, Judie. Our lawn has turned into shredded wheat and I conduct a daily battle to maintain the garden beds. Flowers and shrubs struggle and weeds have to trouble, at all, thriving. We are praying that El Nino will pitch and major fit this Fall/Winter, and bless us with a downpour of tears from God.

  9. Sharing is caring as they say. You have a beautiful heart. Take care.

  10. I'm glad that someplace has full gutters. They are sadly empty in California.

  11. You have saturated and soggy while I have crunchy and dry. But I'm sure it will change and we'll be getting all the rain and you will be dry. That's just how things seem to go.

  12. incredible way you have with words judie.
    hazy, hot & humid...
    sometimes i feel like having a good cry with mother nature.
    {i loved your white nightgown poem!!!!!!!}


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