Haiku My Heart Under The Sea

untitled 24x36 oil on canvas

brilliant marine life
mother nature's brush paints here
joyous color splash

Linking with  REBECCA
from the twinkling stars to 
the bottom of the sea - and
all the haiku family between

flowers for your weekend
flower source: internet


  1. Your painting is fabulous Judie. Reminds me of snorkeling in Hawaii.
    Mother Nature has blessed us with great beauty.

  2. Your amazing painting takes me to my underwater memories of scuba diving... how I long for that deep quiet and the brilliant color that you've captured here in image and word!

  3. Wow! Love your painting! I like beautiful underwater scenes and you've definitely captured that.

  4. Awesome painting Judie. It's wonderful.

  5. you are incredible judie...i just can't get over it...each leaf, the coral, the colors, THE FISH! wow! and also the sailboats from last week! the sky and waves blow my mind! you make me need to paint again, i haven't for over a month now.
    soon. soon.
    as soon as the chores are completed.
    love you XOXOX

  6. Spectacular painting. Nature's paint brush, indeed.

  7. thanks for sharing this wondrous view of under sea in haiku and art

    have a nice weekend

    much love...

  8. Looks like something right out of the pages of National Geographic!

  9. beautiful painting! very bright!

  10. is there anything as joyous as colour and light? to immerse oneself in the creative process is to be born again and again and again. thank you for washing my soul and lifting my heart. xo


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