Haiku my Heart - Nations Together

A Japanese Haiku
A Mexican celebration
and a mixture of everything
this time of year.


is it halloween
dia de los muertos
maybe all souls day

Whatever it is called, it's a celebration in honor of loved ones past.

In France it's All Souls Day
In Brazil, Dia de Finados  (deceased)
Bolivia, Day of the skulls
Haiti, there are voodoo drums and music all night in cemeteries
In America, it's little spooks at your door begging for candy

source:  somewhere in St. Petersburg, FL 
dod celebration

I honor the life of my child, Aleta
missed and loved every day

"Autumnal rites are among the oldest celebrated on earth.  It appears that in every country, the Day of the Dead occurs at years end, after the last harvests when the barren earth is thought to give passage to the souls lying beneath it".  ----Marguerite Yourcenar



  1. Wonderful post and haiku ~ great for the season ~ sending lots of hugs to you in remembrance of your daughter ~ Her Spirit is 'watching over you'! xox

    Wishing you a Happy Weekend,
    artmusedog and carol

  2. Beautiful post Judie. Hugs to you and Aleta who is standing at your side smiling at you. Seize the moment.

  3. The veil is thin when the earth tilts this way. Thanks dearest ones all over the world. Honoring Aleta with you Judie.

  4. Yes, "missed and loved everyday", I'm with you my friend...x

  5. love from your Italian Amiga...
    Festa di Tutti i Santi
    and love for your special angel, Aleta.
    thank you for the elephants
    i will pack it full of money for my angel
    on her birthday in january,
    PS do you know where i can get a whole bunch of money cheap?
    ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. LOL You are welcome. If you find that whole bunch of cheap money, PLEASE let me know! :)


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