Haiku My Heart - Love is in the air

this is little joe
he seeks grace at gemma's house
picture deer kisses

Can you tell I'm just having fun with this?  For even more haiku, serious and fun, (because Grace is very serious)  visit the beauty of Corazon

.......oh dear........Grace has run back into the forest               


for a happy weekend
lose yourself in birdsong!

I, too, am filled with grace & gratitude 
for many things

-------Sunday, November 29-------


 toast the day      for this one comes but once

this sun     that warms a broken heart
this breeze    that cools a heated brow

 never again to repeat
for every tomorrow will be new

toast the night     affirmed a one and only

moon     your bright face lights a path
stars     your places tell a tale of ages
                in a dark sky holding mystical secrets

toast your friends      here and now        

      those    who love you and cause your smile
      those    who are simply pleasantly there    


toast these things now

     speak loudly of your gratitude for the present
     before your grasp loosens

          sending all into eternity


  1. Before I read your haiku I thought, how did Gemma's deer come to be here too? What a lovely extra helping of grace you have given us, as well as some fun! thank you also for the bird song suggestion, which I will definitely do!

  2. I love that Grace is there with you and Joe. We are blessed.
    LOVE to you dearest Judie. xx

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  3. Here and now.. Thanks for the beautiful reminder. :)

  4. thank you dear friend for this perfect loving toast!
    you are such a blessing to us all. and with my thanks-an invitation!
    i cannot believe it has been one year since we all gathered to share our mary love. welcome december-and an invitation to share the light of twelve days of mary! i would love to walk these days beside you. xo

  5. thank you for visiting - it will be lovely if you do join in - the best part about the circle of mary love is the variety and creativity that each one brings to the feast table! i will definitely come and visit! blessings to you xx

  6. This is very beautiful and resonates deeply with me. I am so happy you found my blog...thanks for your visit!


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