Haiku My Heart - Chance

Chance:  a possibility or probability of anything happening

Like the lone leaf on a winter's bare branches
waiting for its chance to fall
and join the others in its fate

  we link to

knowing we will find a chance of love
and friendship with other haiku writers. 
Chance is everywhere.
Grab it when you can, and ride along with faith
 knowing, like the lone leaf,  you might ride
the wind of chance to your true destiny. 


she no longer sings
her freedom has now been  caged
her silence is loud


There is a  CHANCE her cage door will be opened
There is a CHANCE her heart will be free again
And there is a CHANCE she may be able to add her singing voice to the


in the stillness of night
under soft celestial light
 nature’s  quiet audience  breathlessly waits


 a gentle breeze anticipates
 tickling forest leaves into a tambourine rustle
 as tiny green tree frogs begin a high pitched chorus

from the back hills a long low rumble
as the moon caresses a coyote’s throat
and a daybird shrieks its displeasure at being disturbed

a chuck-will’s widow begins his nocturnal call

and the wind - the unseen night breeze
the conductor who signaled the sounds
 moves quickly from stage west into the night space

anxious to moan the tale of its travels as the night music begins

Blessings and many chances for a
beautiful weekend. 


  1. Oh, so beautiful. Indeed, there are chances for the positive outcomes. Hold on to positivity. :)

  2. Wow! Wonderful and creative haiku and love your sketch of the blue jay? in the cage ~ elegant!

    Happy Weekend to you, ^_^

  3. Beautiful Judie… change is ongoing, we all stand at the door not knowing when the wind will carry our wings high.

  4. dearest judie,
    thank you for a safe and hope filled landing. your heart knows no boundaries, your love - "more first than sun, more last than stars". i count you as a great blessing in my heart of hearts; thank you!

  5. Such a powerful haiku... I feel that chance, just waiting to be taken... the night orchestra will celebrate well into the light of the day... XO

    P.S. The trumpets in my post are actually called trumpet daffodils and are a kind of narcissus!

  6. I like the idea of preparing yourself for that chance...

  7. I go along with Stephanie, opening the mind up to 'chance' happenings what wonderful thoughts....thank you. x

  8. Judie is ms. Wee okay. Hi there and hope you are well.

    1. Yes, the little terrorist is thriving! :)


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