Haiku my Heart - Morning Beach Walk

a lost red bucket
soon to be taken by tides
a heartbroken child

cool refreshing breeze
early morning beach shadows
six-thirty a.m.

(look closely...you can see the red bucket)

Linked with love to:  Recuerda Mi Corazon

.....Happy Weekend.....  


  1. good morning dear friend. thank you for taking me to your early morning seascape. i would love to walk beside you as the sun rises on a peace filled day.
    thank you for being a voice of peace, a heart that chooses love. xo

  2. Dear Judy, your red bucket haiku and poignant photo tugs at my heart-strings... I too would love to walk with you into this seascape and early morning breeze... your haiku a bridge for my heart... XO

  3. So thankful that I have walked along the beach with you my special friend. Hope the little ones find the red bucket and the sun bathing Barbie.

  4. To play together on the beach as children with red buckets wouldn't that be special? Still we can go there in our haiku minds sharing buckets of love...thanks for taking us along...x


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