Haiku My Heart - Spiritual Walk

early morning walk
before even sea gulls wake
dig toes in cool sand

Wishing you a peaceful
and happy weekend
with many blessings

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  1. Ohhhh how I wish this were me digging my toes into that crystal white sand! Please take a skip along the waters edge for me and thank you for bringing this early morning to my evening Judie!

  2. It is so relaxing and peaceful.I love the morning freshness

  3. good morning lover of the sea, care taker of wonder, harbinger of peace! thank goodness for the generous red bench so i can find my place beside you. i would love nothing more! xo

  4. Walking along the waters edge with you is a special memory of mine.

  5. Love this kind of walk :)
    Jen / Mis Lucja

  6. Florida calls my name every winter, as I dig my toes into ice cold snow (brrr) in upstate New York. Yes, sometimes, I walk barefoot in the snow - but just for a few seconds.


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