Haiku my Heart - Oil, Fire, and Greed

In 2010 most of you will remember the devastating horror of the Gulf Oil spill.  I remember.  I was here and I saw the heartbreaking results.  And now there is a movie about it.  I believe it opens tonight.

I'm sure it will be a good movie, full of action and heart-tearing sadness, but its a "movie".  I wonder how much of it will be truth.

In 2010, when this tragedy happened I wrote a free verse poem, and I wrote a story.  The story is not only about the oil spill but about other of man's invasions into our nature's beautiful habitat as well.  I may post (repost) the story another time soon, but I would like to post my poem here today instead of the regular haiku.

Because it's how I feel. 


She glides through the deepest waters
Her long sleek body shimmering in the muted light
Winding in and around the ancient coral - searching
Her keen eyes ever vigilant

The baby swims beside her – watching and learning
His body a miniature duplicate of his mother
Twisting and turning in perfect unison
Gently they travel

The ancestral spirits of the reef
Frozen in time
Whisper to them as they pass
Shhhhhh -  go safely

Ahead     a large shadow looms
Mother slows - wary
Baby shrinks to umbra
Seeking protection under its mother

The shadow moves - undulating with the water
A deadly danger this mother has never seen
Just dark water she cannot recognize as harmful
It moves with the rhythm of the current

They travel forward - swimming into the murky shadow
The slime enters their bodies - infiltrates organs
Feeling it – confused - mother turns away with baby following
Too late - the damage is done

It will take time
The baby will grow - but not flourish
Failing to thrive - he will suffer
Only to die and wash up on some lonely shore

And mother – older and stronger - not understanding
May live to produce another
 From memory teaching it to avoid murky slime
Unknowingly teaching it to consume oil contaminated fish

And the drilling continues.

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  1. I remember too... and your poem is so sad and beautiful. Have a good weekend dear.

  2. Yes, I feel for each one of nature's gems when the country destroys it ~ lovely and loving expression of your love ~

    Wishing you a Happy Weekend ~ ^_^

  3. So sad, hurts but needs to be said....x

  4. So sad, hurts but needs to be said....x

  5. Oh Judie So very sad. Humans are destroying our beautiful planet.

  6. Heartbreaking. Your poem paints a picture that speeds up the heart. It puts the reader right there, in the middle of the oily coat of death. Poor mother. Poor baby. Poor tomorrow...


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