Haiku My Heart - Only Love

make our lives branches
reaching out to all the world
holding love in heart

Sculpture by Teresa Moorehouse

In these days of unrest and hurtful acts it seems many of us should take a step back and look within.  Unrest will never be laid down without softening of hearts. The art above mimics these thoughts and wishes.  Teresa is a great influence in my own art which one can see in some I have produced. This one reflects not my art, but my heart.

In the words of sculpture Teresa Moorehouse:

"A contented, warm, loving spirit shines out and welcomes us into this tree teaming with life. All its being - under the earth, in the air, and in its branches - invites us into this realm of home."


If only all of our planet would think that way, how beautiful it could be.

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  1. All the world needs love, even those with whom we vehemently disagree. May the roots of the Great Tree of Love nourish us all. Always. In all ways.

  2. Love is the message and the message is love Have a pleasant weekend, Judie.

  3. Dearest Judy... this is just so exquisite in Teresa's art and your haiku and words that ring through out the branches of my tree, reaching skyward and earthward with heart always at the center... how grateful I am for you. XO

  4. Magnificent haiku and sculpture photo and so healing for these difficult times ~ reminds of John Lennon's song Imagine ~ it is possible ~ hoping for the best ~

    Wishing you a gentle weekend ~ ^_^

  5. Good one! And, nice, intriguing picture.

  6. Love the image painted by your haiku and reiterated by Teresa's sculpture. These days we need to be tree, nature, everything... and remember that goodness spreads. If we forget the latter, all is lost. And we can't allow that to happen.

  7. this is such beautiful post, art and the haiku sentiments precious.

  8. I like your call to softening our hearts. Nothing worse than a hard heart.

  9. My branches reach all the way to you dear... spread the love! Hugs from Holland!

  10. How lovely to connect with you through your words and the sharing of beautiful art with a depth of meaning...yes, let us carry on supporting each other and spreading the word...x


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