Haiku my Heart - Fireside Friday

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its snowing somewhere
the tv shows piles of white
i can't imagine

....because I have been wearing flip flops all week in this 80 degree weather, and only tonight getting rain and cooler temps. But not snow.  It won't snow in the cold (brrrrr) 65 degrees, lasting only two days then back to sunshine and warm.

Ahhhhh.....life in the subtropics!

Enjoy your snow if that's what you have.  I am just a little bit envious.
Just a little...

So ok, I'm just having a little fun with this.
It's Friday, after all.   Finally!
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  1. Sooooo envious! No flip flops here! Well IF someone has to enjoy some warm weather, I can't "imagine" a better person than you!

    Thanks for sleuthing me out... there is something wrong with my webhosting, they are trying to fix it, on all days of course it happens on haiku my heart! Comment boxes have dissapeared on every post that has comments! Hope they fix it soon!

  2. It's in the 20s and 30s here in the Seattle area and I still have snow on the ground and ice in the driveway from about a week ago. It's aggravating to stand out there in the cold, waiting for the dog to choose the perfect spot to do her business.

  3. No snow for me either...possibly some rain in the next couple of days. But it isn't exactly flip-flop weather. Enjoy those warm temps. Before you know it, it will be hot and humid!

  4. Oh JC I can see your fun, popcorn wine fireplace comfy slippers what else can a girl want! Yes there is a magical feel to a quiet snowy winter day...just like my blog header. Did you say 8o degrees! I can't imagine ! Am having a great weekend in the city with daughter and family. Xo

  5. Arizona has mixed weather~ Warm 70's in desert and snow in the mountains. Being a desert rat I love my flip flops too.

  6. Delightful haiku ~ no need for envy ~ Snow and Ice can be treacherous and hampers all travel ~ Looks pretty when falling and newly cover on ground ~ We had some yesterday but a bigger storm is coming ~ Sat afternoon into the night ~ All part of a New England Winter ~ enjoy the 'tropics' ~ Zoe and I get tempted to go South and then it passes ~
    Enjoy the day ~ ^_^
    Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year ~ ^_^

  7. Your haiku is a perfect descriptor of your mood. I like it!

    It's snowing here. I would be more than willing to send it your way, if I could... especially if you share some of the warmth with me.

  8. someday i would love to share some sunshine with you!
    always grateful for fridays and our haiku cirlce!


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