Haiku my Heart - A New Day Dawns

sunshine everywhere
even hidden in the palms
put it in your heart

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Sunshine Blessings


  1. Yes. The sun is always shining. Even at night.

  2. Oh I love ❤️ this sunshine that finds me no matter what... yes, it is tucked into my heart ❤️ with love ❤️ thank you Judie for being a ray of light in my life!

  3. Creative photo and lovely, warming haiku ~ thanks, received in love and light ~

    Wishing you a Happy Weekend ~ ^_^

  4. Hi Judie. Frozen heart is thawing. Things better. I have news for you.

  5. The sunshine you conjure, the one we don't always see, is the most powerful, the most needed... especially on these days.

    You haiku like a goddess, my friend.

  6. within our dry days; we have some showers, today

    Happy Sunday

    much love...

  7. Sometimes hidden sunshine turns out to be the brightest--after you find it, of course!

  8. all week we have been dressed in new clocks of snow. to be here in the warmth of your heart and feel your sunlight is a blessing. thank you friend!


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