Haiku My Heart - Vayu

VAYU - Hindu God of the wind

**********Prayer to Vayu**********

Oh God of the wind
Purify my heart
Take away the dust and grime of my soul
Blow away the darkness


dandelion fluff
blown away by vayu's breath
softly disappears

*****prayer continued*****

Take the atmosphere of my breath
As is your name - you, my lifebreath
And cleanse my spirit
With your puffs and blasts, your twisters and typhoons

In return I shall open all doors to give  you free egress
Open all windows in my soul to let you blow through
And free
With your cleansing breezes
Billow my sails in the direction of peace

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Feel Blessings Surround You

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  1. dearest friend,
    thank you for your perfect blessing of wind and light. such a comfort to reassure each other and share blessings and inclusion. love your dandelion flying free and every blessing it carries on the wind!

  2. Few things in life give me more childish pleasure than blowing dandelion fluff!

  3. Oh I feel surrounded with healing energy from your post and lovely haiku ~ thank you ~ namaste ~

    Wishing you a Happy Weekend ~ ^_^

  4. Beautiful Judie for this prayer and blessing that sweeps throughout my entire being...

  5. A powerfully gentle breeze and a wish... made poetry. This is lovely.

  6. Beautiful Judie. This is my prayer as well. xxx

  7. soft expiration
    wafts dandelion fluff out,
    out into the world

  8. How lovely to come here and find such beauty in words and image, thank you....x


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