Haiku my Heart - Natures Wings

on a pine tree branch
an osprey eats his cold catch
from river waters

Osprey - pastel

at the water's edge
a heron searches for food
in the breeze at dusk

heron at dusk - pastel

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please visit and join in with
others of peaceful mind

Enjoy Nature.
Find Harmony Within.

personal photo


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Lisa. I appreciate your visit. I went to your blog but I cannot post on G+. I find G+ difficult to even navigate. But I tried. :)

  2. I too, am so moved by your art Judie. Your birds, I can hear them rustle and make sound and take flight... like the haiku, all are food for our heart and soul... thank you also for the reminder to "go. Enjoy nature. Find harmony within..."

  3. I love your haiku. I love your visual art. And I'm completely in love with the way you art them together. Through the words, you allow us to see more, to more the colors...

  4. Lovely haiku and art, the Heron piece looks like charcoal, had you not mentioned it was tel otherwise, i would have
    Happy Sunday

    much love...

  5. Hi Judie, I have had trouble posting as well. Your art is amazing. LOVE!

  6. nature is my healing. to sit on the earth. to feel the rain and listen to the birds. to watch clouds and feel a soft breeze...life's pure sweet natural world i am forever grateful.


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