Haiku my Heart - Listen

under a white moon
a lonesome coyote howls
from canyon shadows

Who has not heard the echo of a coyote howl, whether in life or imagination or audible media?
Is he crying, singing, calling to a mate?
Will we ever know?

Sit back, close  your eyes, and in the stillness of your mind's eye picture the howling coyote.  In the silence, listen closely. Perhaps he will tell you his secrets.

Wishing  you a blessed weekend.

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  1. Your post was entered at my favorite time of the day, has been ever since I was a child... and I have goosebumps all over from your haiku and message dear Judie. I am listening... perhaps I will be able to receive his message. And while I do, here is Wiley Coyote also taking me back to my childhood and his escapades with Road Runner...

  2. I've always felt a bit melancholy anytime I hear the howling.

  3. The coyote is crying, singing, and calling to a mate all at once! (You were hoping that the Desert Dweller would say that, weren't you?)

  4. Your haiku brought that loud wailing call to mind. Beautifully eerie.

  5. I closed my eyes, and heard your haiku... The coyote is singing (today).

  6. Mysterious coyote your portrayed him well...x

  7. luv the sense of melancholia in your haiku Judie

    much love...

  8. in the middle of the night tucked in a dream; my quiet sky erupted with a pack of coyotes and not one of them was holding back! such a wild awakening! here in the great southwest i rarely hear a lone howl. thank you for your invitation to quiet my mind and listen carefully. the art of quiet listening and receiving is something we can all benefit from.


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