Twelve Days of Mary Love

The Nativity
Design for a bronze relief
Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones

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  1. The intricacy and simplicity of this is exquisite. I find you to be very spiritual Judie... I think it has to do with our definitions. To me, being connected to nature, loving deeply and caring... are all signs of a spiritual life. Just please, don't ever put me in a box! Not that you every would! It is again how I interact with life, I need to be able to move and morph and connect with the beauty found in each moment, like coming here. Thank you for sharing in these twelve days of Mary Love. XO

  2. I've never seen this image before and don't know the artist. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is such an unusually painting, and so intriguing, All the figures caught in a divine swirl. Thanks for sharing, Judie

    much love...

  4. A blessed journey's end, Judie! Thanks for sharing this precious image.

  5. this is so comforting and beautiful-as if life is swirling to embrace and create a cocoon on the holy family. thank you for being here walking these days together, shining light into the darkest season and sharing hope that love will prevail! xo

  6. Very unique piece! I find it so beautiful! I love the swirls! Big Hugs!


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