A blue folder I keep some of my short stories and poetry in was looking kind of blah, and I had a little time today, so I collaged on it.  The background is a photocopy of a Chuhuly glass exhibit I got from the paper, enhanced with a bit more color, and cut into a heart shape. Of course, Chuhuly's glass art needs no enhancing, but a photocopy does!  The girl is a photocopy of a drawing I did experimenting with water soluble oil pastels on w/c paper.   I kind of like them, but only for small drawings.  The crow is a photocopy of a drawing done with watercolor crayon, also experimenting,  with a paper glaze overlay.  Not as interesting to work with as w.s. oil pastels.  After they were glued onto the folder cover, I slathered it with Mod Podge to seal it.  I figured it was ruined because the paper buckled, but after it dried it was flat and ok.  Whew! 

A glass heart, a girl and a crow.  I don't know how they are related, but it isn't as boring as the plain blue. She's a little toothy though.  :) I wonder what the crow is screeching about?

Wishing you peace and love in your days.  


  1. This is very cool Judie. My first thought is a glass heart can be broken. However Chuhuly glass has been in many forms already so perhaps it is a mended heart. I really like how you've reused older pieces in this.
    Judie I love Sans Souci.

  2. Love it. Love Hugs and Blessings

  3. Your "toothy" gal is so contemporary. Have you noticed all people on TV from actors to politicians have "perfect white teeth". It seems they all have had cosmetic dentistry. Oh! how much I enjoy discovering someone, not normally on TV, that has less than perfect teeth, perhaps slightly crooked and not glaring white.


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