Moments before dawn
Breathe deeply
Take in the heat laden air
filled with the heavy scent of blooming jasmine

In nearby trees cicadas already calling
The air full of their monotone vibrations

A night heron leaves a brief melodic trail as it flies home
Songbirds awake

Get closer to the blooms and hear the buzzing of the bees
already feeding on the flowers' inner sanctum
Still too dark to see their tiny flying forms

Before the sun sets twice
the soft white jasmine petals will leave the branches bare
covering the ground below like a sparse layer of new snow
And the cycle will begin again


  1. Oh How lovely.
    The natural world is thrilling isn't it?
    Your description captivated my senses...
    feel the heat,hear sounds of the cicadas, birds and bees,the scent of Jasmine,the sight of fleeting white petals while still on the tree.
    LOVE this.

  2. beautiful thoughts of summer... took me months ahead into our summer.. thankyou xo


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