My muse seems to have left me permanently and I scratch for ideas and incentive.  I went to the dollar store to find a new painting surface, since I really can't find the pennies to purchase new canvas right now, and I am tired of paper.  I got a 7x9 panel that was covered in a paper something or other picture, sanded it gently, and got out the gesso.  Then I had a new painting surface for a buck, and it even had the hanger already attached.  NOT that I would hang this silly thing but it did keep me busy for quite awhile.  I have to admit, I am not fond of using those "one-hair" brushes for fine work.  I'd much rather use pen or pastel that I can control with my hand. 

Since my muse didn't cooperate, I got out an old pen and ink drawing...

and decided to do a similar "butterfly garden" in color.

This is not me. I don't do whimsey like this.  I don't normally do paintings by just plopping something down here and there without pulling it all together somehow.   I am beginning to think I really should just give it up.  Yet I keep trying to find my creative self again.  How many times have I thought about closing down
Sans Souci and giving away my paints and brushes.......again!   It wouldn't be the first time.

Did you notice the baby flew?  From the nest to the ground, then up to the railing, and the last I saw of him he was flying up to the roof where momma was patiently waiting.  It was fun watching her teach him.   I know, I know, there's an orb on momma.  But I took the photo thru the window on a rainy evening, so I'll just chalk that orb up to a raindrop on the glass, or a flash reflection.  Nothing supernatural there.


  1. Hi Judie. Hope all is well. In your profile you say, "Im an artist." Well Judie I'm here to tell you that is certainly true. I mean look at your work. It is totally awesome. The colors just flow into one another, the bird is singing his song of joy for having been created, the butterflies are flapping their wings because they too are happy. The ladybug making it's way up the tree is not afraid. Your circular motions are just great. Hey, don't stop.I mean, you went so far as to go to the Dollar store to buy something to paint on, that only means you wanted to paint. How creative too, to sand off what was there and have a brand new canvas. You go girl! I love it, it makes me happy looking at it. I wish I was there. Take care and have a great day.

  2. Ah Gloria, such a nice thing to say. It is people like you that help me to keep going!

  3. NO! Don't give up! This painting is wonderful....happy and bright and full of color. I love it.

    PS - I buy those dollar store plaques all the time! Can't beat the price.

  4. Oh Judie I think the painting is absolutely charming. I think doing something different is always good. It makes you look at you art in a new way.

    I just bought a group of little canvasses at Michaels for 79 cents each. I am going to use them for play and practice. They have something stamped on them but I just gesso over them.

    Please keep going, you are a wonderful Artist and I love seeing the work you do.


  5. Phew! I haven't painted or collaged in a while now! I LOVE that bluebird,he LOOKS soOOOo happy to be in your beauty full butterfly picture!!! Tweet, tweet!!

  6. Judie
    I love your art!That orb is amazing too. Notice how the birds flock to your door? You are charming them right out of the trees.
    You have been an inspiration to me for a long long time....really love you.

  7. Please don't quit painting or blogging. Maybe you are just entering a new stage of art. Fun to do and def fun for us to see. Love Hugs and Blessings


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