.....are upon us.  In the 1500's, the ancient Romans believed the star  Sirius, aka the Dog Star, caused heat to come upon the earth in the summer when it came into the same longitude as the sun, and  they believed that dogs went mad during this period of time. 

Well, mine doesn't, but she does pant a lot.

In the northern hemisphere, the 1/2 of the earth north of the equator suffers from this heat.  It isn't just global warming.  It's always been this way, although it sure does seem a bit hotter when it hits 98 degrees in Florida.  And it isn't a dog star, it's because the earth is tilted towards that heat. I don't recall when I was 11 or 12, that 98 degrees felt this hot.  Was that just youth?

So I look forward to September when this Dog Star moves along and I can cool my body temperature down from raging furnace to perhaps a simple campfire.  Meanwhile, I hide in the cool of the A/C, away from the sun and it's companion dog star,  and make some simple art like this collage of a lady, who is on cool black background paper,  and wearing cool blue.  Ahhhhhhh!

I'm not looking forward to getting my power bill this month.  Yikes!!!!


  1. Hi Judie. I love the way your write. Very intense. I like this art/collage. Very nice. I too don't look forward to the electric bill this month. Our utilities are separate, gas on one and electric on another. It was pretty high last month. It was 94 today and right now it's 84 and hot. Oh well, I sure look forward to fall. Have a great Friday.

  2. Fantastic art Judie...Yes it's all about the dog star.

  3. haven't heard about the dog star. .. do we have it down in the southern hemisphere?
    we do have heat in summer, I know that for sure.. hot, hot, hot.. you speak of 98.. we get days of 110 !!! and humidity that makes your skin tight. i hate it.
    eat lots and lots of delicious summer fruits. .. and drink warm water, not cold.. it is better for you :)
    I will be hiding in A/C in summer too.. love you art :)

  4. I refuse to own an AC or a vehicle with AC. We do not get enough days hot enough to justify them. I am always trying to lesson my carbon footprint. Our hottest weather has passed. Now we have lovely cool nights (good for sleeping) and pleasantly warm days.

    I like the poster like art of the dog days of summer". Have you considered ever making a poster representing each month or season.

  5. That's a neat idea Phillip. Maybe I'll do it one day. In high school (back in the stone age), I won a poster contest. The big prize was two bucks! Thanks for your comment. :)

  6. Hi Sweet Thang!!! I just got back online for a second and thought I would click your name on comments and HERE YOU ARE!! My pc is not working and Gina's pc was being contrary too but today is a good day soOOOOOo I thought I'd pop in to say "Welcome back darling!!!" Love your collage!! ((((((Judie)))))))


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