Nothing much changes around our little home.
Not even in a brand new year.  

Roxie continues to anxiously watch for her "daddy" to come home whenever he is out. 
She is such a daddy's girl.  Spoiled little brat!

And Mz. Wee stares out the window searching for
lions and tigers and lizards.
She's a momma's girl.
Follows me from room to room
like a puppy.

And I sort of toy with the idea of painting landscapes again.  With a brush.
And a canvas.
And writing more poetry.
And short stories.

Time will tell. 

What has changed in your house with the new year?


  1. not much has changed here either.. love Roxie.. I had a short haired daschund when I was little.. his name was Pal.

    Does Mz. Wee ever find tigers or lions?

    will watch with anticipation for your creative-ness to burst forth xoxo

  2. Not much changes around here. We are pretty much the same as always and everything around us stay the same too. We do re-do things and probably come Spring we will paint the living and dining area. Life is good. I love your bird and of course your family pet member. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year!

  3. Lee and I are just the same old folks at home.
    I draw pigs(lol)and he watches pigskins on TV.
    Roxie and Wee are such cute lovable rascals.
    love you.

  4. Not much changes here either! It's just me and HB and the two kitties....who are both spoiled rotten! They'd probably love to meet Mz. Wee but we won't let that happen!! :-)

  5. Judie, I am glad you are thnking of painting again. The big chnage here is that my husband retired. I am not used to having him home all the time. It is quite an adjustment. Mz.Wee is gorgeous I sure love those colors....

  6. Lions and tigers and lizards - oh my!
    Trying to change my procrastinating ways and get things done. Still easily distracted, though. Baby steps...

  7. I look forward to those landscapes. You have so much talent! As far as changes, its all about whole, natural foods with me right now. I'm hoping that cutting out the chemicals and additives might make me feel a bit better.

  8. I am glad you are feeling the need to create again. I look forward to whatever you do. I always enjoyed learning a little about art from you.

    Life goes on as ususal around here.

  9. Sweet Roxie and gorgeous Mz. Wee! Her color!!
    What would we do without our fur and feathered babies! We love them as they so us!!
    Hope that you are on the mend dear Judie! Love and hugs Anna xo


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