You know I love birds.  All kinds of birds.  In Florida we have a lot of vultures, especially the black vulture.  Here, one seems to be peeling the rubber from someone's windshield wiper.  Tch, tch.  They shouldn't have left their car alone near a vulture roost.  I guess rubber makes good nesting material?

Source St. Petersburg Times

One cannot do anything about it except move your car, or chase them away.  But they will return as soon as you turn your back.  Turkey vultures (not pictured) have a lovely defense mechanism;  projectile vomiting!  Aaaakkk!  Think of what they eat! I'll keep my distance!
Vultures are migrating birds.  Most of them migrate to Florida from the Ohio Valley and the Atlantic Seaboard.  Isn't it odd....the vultures seem to follow the "snowbirds".  We have a LOT of Ohio visitors this time of year.  Well, there is nothing to be done about these rubber nibblers.  It's against Federal Law to kill migrating birds. Just flap your human wings and say "shoo!" 

Meanwhile, up on a branch, a sweet sparrow ponders his next meal.  Betcha it won't be rubber!

Derwent Watercolor Pencil

I'm trying really hard not to chuckle, but um, well, I DO love birds.  Even vultures! 


  1. Very nice watercolor. I like birds too, but my husband...well he loves them more. He raises parakeets, canaries and other little feathered critters. :) Have a great week.

  2. We have vultures here in the desert too. They are carnivores. I think it's true they are related to dinosaurs. Mean looking and they hunt poor little defenseless animals. Luckily they nest out of town. Ok I admit because they are birds they are kind of cool...love your fluffy Sparrow better though. He can come over and eat some of our wild bird seed if he wants.

  3. I love birds too Judie. Thank you for your regular visits to my blog.Your comments are always appreciated.Your sparrow has real character! You've captured the perky bustling manner of this delightful little species!x

  4. Hi Judie!
    THRILLED to see you blogging again!!!
    I love your wee bird!!! Will check you our regularly and trust that I'll catch up with others too!!!!

  5. Bobjour ,my birde friend! Love your water color ! I miss all the beautifu lFlorida birdlife :( The Ibis were so cool !

  6. oops..please excuse my bad typing ...

  7. Love the watercolor. Birds are so cool....I have one cousin who raises birds and another one who is terrified of them. Even a little parakeet will send her screaming from the room!

  8. LOL That nasty vulture! but he or she is doing what nature says, build that nest and rubber is quite a good idea! It's a little more waterproof! hehe Sweet lil' sparrow!! tweet tweet means, Have a happy day!

  9. Lovely watercolor for sure! Yes I have seen those Florida vultures and although frightening looking they have a place on this planet earth.
    In the meantime I continue to chase the gorgeous quails out here in the desert!

  10. What a cute little birdie. You paint very good gestures.

  11. i found you again!!!!
    it is me Carmen San Diego ;-)

  12. We have Turkey Vultures here. Crazy looking things and cool at the same time.

  13. In the summer there are turkey vultures here in central Ontario. They are very interesting. When the neighbours cows are calving the vultures show up for the after birth. Sometimes there are as many as 40. They have a wonderful distinctive way of flying. I understand they can detect a deal creature to feast on up to five miles away.


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