Last Friday I went to an estate sale, where I saw a forlorn looking doll sitting alone on a chair, with a reasonable price tag on her bonnet.  She was dusty and dirty, and no one wanted her. I picked her up and offered the lady in charge a small bit less than the tag, but was turned down.  I put the doll back in the chair and passed her by.

Have you ever regretted a desision so much it burned into your mind?  That's how I felt about that doll when I got home.  I do NOT collect dolls, but there seemed to be some sort of connection there.  So..since husband was about to go out, I asked him to drive by and if that dirty doll was still sitting in the chair, go get it and just give the lady her price. 

Being the sweetheart he is, he did just that, and came home with this poor little dirty, waif-looking thing.  He had asked the seller about the doll.  Well, if you are going to adopt, you want to know some background, right?  It seems the doll belonged to this lady's 94 year old great aunt, recently deceased.  She didn't know the name of the doll, but her great aunt's name was Adelaide.

So that is how Adelaide was named and came to live with us.  She really is quite lovely.  She has a cloth body, with bisque arms and legs attached with string from the elbows and knees down, extending to painted and textured shoes and socks.  Her hair is blonde, and it seems that some little hand once held a pair of scissor  and did some snipping to her hair.  What is left of it is deteriorating and comes apart if even lightly touched.

Today I carefully  undressed her and washed all her clothes.  She has pantaloons with eyelet lace, a slip, a dress and an apron, plus her matching bonnet. A little much for Florida, but it suits her.   Her clothes were dried in the sun.  Now she smells really nice.  She seems happier too.  I think maybe her namesake, the real Adelaide, would be pleased.


  1. I am SO glad that your sweetheart went back to get Adelaide for you. she is just Divine. I love her !! xo
    ps - take tea with her - a tablecloth on the ground, two little tea cups and two little patty cakes.. enjoy xo

  2. Oh how utterly sweet as pie she is. I think that you did the right thing. Something drew you to her and of course, what has to be, has to be. I'm sure Adelaide will be very happy with you and you with her. Have a great week, take care.

  3. Hi Judie ~ Strange how sometimes we're attracted to something we normally wouldn't notice. She's beautiful , glad she found a good home with someone that appreciates her.

    ~ Be Blessed ~

  4. Adelaide is precious.
    Hugs to you both and to that sweetheart who went to get her for you.
    Ok and blowing kisses to the zoo.

  5. Adoptions come in many ways.She will love her new forever home.

  6. Adelaide is lovely. I'm sure her namesake would be pleased to know what a good home she's found with you and your sweet hubby.

  7. Wow she seems very old. You have quite the treasure there! I imagine she must be carrying some very nice energy for you to want to go back and get her! I'm sure the previous owner would be smiling!

    Hugs Giggles


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