Oh tree
With spring breeze gently rushing through your swaying branches
What secrets you hold.
What sights you have seen, never to reveal.
Oh tree
giving safe harbor to wandering birds,
hiding them from predators,
providing a resting place when their wings tire.
The squirrel nesting in your hollow feels secure,
Your leaves protect her tiny family from sun and raindrops.
I search your depths for that songbird I hear
But to no avail.
Your leaves camouflage him  like a green-winged guardian angel 
So only his magical voice emerges from the thick foliage.
Oh beautiful tree, I love you.
Except in the fall when you change into your winter coat,
and I have to rake your shedding apparel into so many piles!


  1. Judie, thank you so much for visiting my blog. It is good to "meet" you so to speak. I've just been visiting your other blog too and I must say that my heart breaks and grieves with you. Aleta is a stunning beauty and your granddaughter is such a cutie pie. I can only tell you that your losses are the fears I have lived with since having my own children and now grandchildren. I never take them for granted and I love them so very fiercely. I just know that both of these two young women are walking alongside of you. It can be no other way. If you are interested, there is another artist blogger that I've recently found who lost her son not so long ago to cancer. She has blogged about grief and continues to speak of it as the needs arise. I think you found me through Gemma so if you are interested, do let me know. The artist's name is Karla and she is also from IL. Her blog is on my side bar and I think it starts with the word Life (not Life Painted Daily but another of the blogs on my side bar). Please know that you are indeed in my heart and in my thoughts.

  2. Hi Judie. I love your tree and it's uplifting branches. The ode is perfect as well. A heart never really heals as I mourn my son every day. We go on as best we can. Take care.

  3. What a lovely and beautiful tribute to 'The Tree'.....And it is all so true, too, my dear. I love the shelter and shade a tree can give to people, too, especially on a very HOT Summer Day.....

  4. I love your poem and I love trees. Right now several of our trees are blossoming and they look so pretty. It makes me smile just to look out the window and see them all dressed up in their springtime finery.

  5. Trees are so very special. Your words show me the same love, appreciation and understanding that I feel too. Did you see the movie Avatar?
    OMG The tree of life.

  6. I love trees - and your art and ode to them, Miz Judie. That last line made me smile. :)

  7. Love your poem! Especially " I have to rake your shedding apparel" The tree does it justice!! So pretty! I do love trees and once bought one house over another because of the tree in the front yard!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. a beautiful poem.. I adore trees. they are part of me... but I also love raking leaves :)


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